Chris Sale: Hottest Option this MLB Betting Offseason

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Chris Sale: Hottest Option this MLB Betting Offseason

Some online MLB betting fans like to enjoy the offseason, others are extremely concerned with staying up to date with the latest news around the league. Some rumors that has been floating around the league for quite some time is the news that the White Sox have been debating on whether or not to trade Chris Sale during the offseason. Chicago hasn’t been enjoying too much success in recent years and their lackluster finish in 2016 was the spark that ignited these rumors. MLB sportsbook fans know a change is needed, and the organization has no other choice but to press the reset button. Reportedly, the franchise is shying away from trading their talents still under long-term contracts; Jose Quintana and Jose Abreu for example. The player’s not on long-term contracts; Sale, Todd Frazier and David Robertson, are likely to be dealt. The most notable of these is, indubitably, Sale.

Sale has established himself a reputation as one of the hardest throwing lefties in the league and the baseball betting odds always paint him as a contender for the Cy Young award every year. Sale will be 28 in 2017, so there’s still plenty of baseball left ahead of him. In addition to his talents, one of the best aspects of Sale’s career is that he has been able to stay relatively injury-free. So what teams are interested in the young stud?

Washington Nationals

The Nationals are starting to become desperate for success and are starting to get real annoyed with first-round playoff exits. Washington is looking to solidify the rotation behind NL Cy Young winner Max Scherzer, which is even more important when considering the elbow concerns of Stephen Strasburg. Washington has young talent that Chicago would be interested in, but the Nationals are also interested in trading with the Pirates.

Houston Astros

The Astros have been contenders in the last two seasons and qualified for the postseason in 2015. They’ve been pretty active in 2016 so online MLB betting fans can expect Houston to go all out in 2017. They certainly need help with the rotation, especially when considering how poorly Dallas Keuchel played in 2016. Keuchel might play better in 2017, but there’s no reason for the organization to risk it, especially if they can muster up the value for a good trade with the Sox.

Atlanta Braves

The online MLB betting odds don’t consider the Braves to be contenders in 2017, but Atlanta is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. After rebuilding for the last couple of years, and reinvigorating their fan base, the Braves are coming closer and closer to becoming a dangerous team. Sale would certainly help them accomplish that goal, the only problem is that it doesn’t look like the Braves have anything that Chicago may want.