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Breaking Down Game 7’s Mishaps

Now that the World Series concluded, online MLB betting fans will have to wait an entire offseason before the sport that they love picks up right where it left off. Baseball is America’s favorite pastime and this past World Series is a clear indication of why the MLB is the holder of such a treasured title. Once Wednesday night concluded, history was made and the Chicago Cubs became World Champions for the first time in 108-years. Let’s take a look at how this historic World Series came to an end.

This year’s World Series came to a conclusion on November 2nd, at Progressive Field in Cleveland, Ohio – the same field where the series kicked off just a few days back. Whenever there’s so much on the line, online MLB betting fans are quick to point the finger and blame the management for questionable decisions. Game 7 was no exception, and Terry Francona was on the receiving end of the criticism.

Game 7 marked the first time of Corey Kluber’s 5-year career that the pitcher did not record a strikeout – a clear indicator that Kluber was not on his game, or at least not well rested. Kluber had started the previous two games, so most fans agree that after seeing Kluber struggle the management should’ve stepped in and made a substitution. In the end, Kluber threw for 4 innings and allowed 4 runs on 6 hits. Leaving us befuddled wondering why Andrew Miller wasn’t put into the game earlier. Miller eventually came into the game and ended up allowing a few runs himself, but fans doubts where with the process itself and not either player.

But Francona wasn’t the only manager receiving criticism. Joe Maddon also received his fair share of complaints, despite the fact that his club actually won the World Series. Specifically, online MLB betting fans were questioning Maddon’s pitching decisions. The fact that Maddon pulled Kyle Hendricks in the 5th despite a comfortable lead to put in Jon Lester left many fans scratching their heads. This confusion was further escalated when three innings later Aroldis Chapman was put into the game. Chapman had a poor outing in Game 6 and he followed that up in Game 7, overstaying his welcome and ultimately leaving fans wondering how the game would have turned out if Hendricks had stayed in for another inning or two.

Another mishap that fans were quick to critique was Maddon’s decision to bunt Javier Baez with two strikes and the go-ahead run on third base in the 9th with just one out. Definitely a questionable call, but in the end the Cubs ended up winning so you can’t really argue with the results, just the execution. Now fans will have to wait several months before flocking to the best baseball betting sites for another riveting season of America’s favorite pastime.