Bet on MLB to Oppress Minor Leaguers

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
MLB to Oppress Minor Leaguers

There are good reasons to pay athletes well but the most prevailing is that it helps keep the game honest and provides security for sportsbook user’s when they bet on MLB. If athletes are receiving livable wages then there is very little reason for them to accept, or even consider, bribes. If however, you make as little as $1,100 a month you might be willing to lend an open ear. Apparently Congress is teaming up with MLB in an effort to suppress minor league wages and help the rich get even richer. This could spell trouble for those who bet on MLB games because if minor leaguers are exposed to bribes then they could carry those habits to the majors. It may be true that there isn’t a plethora of people looking to fix minor league baseball but this is still a problem. The bill that is being introduced is called “Save America’s Pastime Act” and it aims to do the opposite. The sole purpose for the bill’s existence is to exempt minor league players from the federally mandated minimum wage. This bill is being introduced in response to a lawsuit filed by three former minor leaguers. The lawsuit filed within California back in 2014 brought up some significant concerns regarding the wages of minor league baseball players. Specifically, it stated that minor leaguers should be paid hourly and should be able to receive overtime wages, like any other normal person. The lawsuit looked to raise awareness about the poverty of minor league players. Ironically, the MLB responded by phoning Congress in a display of arrogance, wealth, and power.

Congress, whose approval ratings are lower than ever, was quick to heed the call by introducing this bill. Originally the “Save America’s Pastime Act” was introduced as a bipartisan bill by U.S. Representative Brett Guthrie (Republican out of Kentucky) and Rep. Cheri Bustos (Democrat out of Illinois). However, in the wake of the backlash received since the bills announcement Bustos has announced her withdrawal from supporting the bill. The bill basically states that if no legislation is passed then salaries for minor league players could possibly skyrocket (all the way to the federal minimum wage) and if they do then somehow minor league baseball teams will have to shut down.

Except that they won’t. Minor league players only get paid during the regular season, and they get paid by the major league clubs themselves. There’s no shortage of money in baseball, evident by the sport having some of the highest paid athletes in the world, and make no mistake this bill is aimed to keep the money in the hands of the owners not players. The MLB is a $9 billion industry, an industry which is concerned with finding the latest talent at the cheapest cost. Apparently it will pull no punches in that crusade. Nonetheless, major league clubs need the minor leagues in order to sift through talent and be able to assemble the best team possible. Not to mention the countless times teams have had to bring up players from the minors to help cover gaps left open due to injuries. Sportsbook users can bet on MLB clubs doing everything in their power to keep minor league clubs open. This bill would be understandable if the MLB was suffering economically, but in $9 billion industry is it that hard to spread the love?