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2021 MLB Season: Breakout Candidates, Preseason Updates

The 2021 Major League Baseball regular season is just around the corner. With close to a month remaining, teams are already at their spring training. Last season was action-packed with just 60 games due to the pandemic. However, this year is going back to the normal routine with 162 games. The season is scheduled to start on April 1st and go all the way to November 3rd until the World Series. Los Angeles Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays were the only two teams to make it to the end. The Dodgers are currently the World Champions and they seem to be intact with their impressive team. The best mlb betting predictions 2021 will soon take their course. Thanks to these preseason updates, bettors will be able to place their bets on their favorite teams.

2021 Breakout Candidates

Last season several players were recognized for their incredible performance. Fans will be excited about the upcoming preseason updates. This year is believed to be more challenging with some new names on the list. Every team is sure to have a breakout candidate this season and the list has just become better. The Dodgers and Bay Rays are certainly on the list with their breakout candidates, but there are favorites like the Yankees, Red Sox, and the Astros. The level of potential these players hold is bound to make this season more interesting.

Jake Lamb for the Atlanta Braves

The Atlanta Braves have Jake Lamb on their squad and he seems to be contributing his best. Lamb was impressive with his performance with the Oakland Athletics, especially with his extra-base hits in 45 at-bats. Lamb is one of those qualified hitters in the MLB league with great strength. The 30-year-old player was recognized for his 95 miles per hour shot. Lamb is ahead of Bryce Harper, Gary Sanchez, and Jorge Soler.

Baltimore’s Chance Sisco

Baltimore Orioles did make some progress last season and they were much better than their 2019 season. The Orioles have added another potential player to their squad this year, who will contribute to their performance. The 26-year-old player was a top-100 prospect and he is one of those top young catchers for the Orioles organization. Sisco recorded an OPS of 98 in the past two years and Baltimore is happy to have him on their team.

Detroit’s Victor Reyes

The outfielder is known for his potential to run fast and that will be his biggest advantage for the Tigers. Reyes is 26 and is six foot five who’s possibly the tallest single hitters in the MLB league. Reyes has a decent swing and he’s the first outfield since Rajai Davis with 10 stolen bases and 10 triples. It turns out that the Tigers will have a big advantage this season, especially with stolen bases if Reyes gets up to the task.

 Jake Newberry for Kansas City Royals

Kansas City Royals have been struggling in the past few seasons with their overall performance. The Royals had issues with their pitching staff while their big hitters were unable to make it past opponents. A decent player to the Royals squad will be Jake Newberry. The 26-year-old pitcher has touched 39 miles per hour with his pitching talent. Newberry was noted for his performance in the last two seasons with a 1.73 strikeout-to-walk ratio. Watch out for Newberry on the field this season.

Alex Vesia for the Dodgers

The Dodgers have not been idle in the off-season as they managed to make a decent trade. Los Angeles acquired Alex Vesia from the Miami Marlins. Vesia is a young pitcher that could spice things up for the Dodgers. Vesia has touched the low 90s with his fastball, but the best is yet to come this season. The Dodgers might use Vesia at the right moments as he still has the power to last longer on the field.

Jameson Taillon for the Yankees

The New York Yankees never had Jameson Taillon pitch for a long time. Taillon had his last pitch back in May 2019. The talented pitcher struggled from the Tommy John surgery and he was unable to do much. However, if he finds a way to get back on track, the Yankees will have a great option for their squad. New York Yankees had their own struggles last season, but players like Taillon might just make a huge difference.

MLB Preseason Updates

Most of the players are already prepared to get back on the road and start their regular season. The Preseason has been all about making changes to each team and preparing with a great strategy. Spring training will soon come to an end with close to a month remaining for the regular season. It’s not long for the top sports betting website to arrive so bettors can start placing their bets. One thing for sure is that this year is going to be bigger and better.