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2019 MLB Rumors & Sportsbook Speculation

Posted by: Mike Davis
2019 MLB Rumors

We’ve officially kicked off the New Year which means there are a heap of 2019 MLB rumors making their way around the MLB betting online wire. Naturally these rumors will give bettors an inkling of the moves or trades that are on the horizon. Obviously sportsbook players who keep up with these rumors will be better prepared to make their predictions on this year’s upcoming MLB action. And with 26 of the top 50 free agents still unsigned, there are bound to be some intriguing moves in the coming week. So without further ado, here are the latest rumors from this week.

2019 MLB Rumors

Miami Raising the Price on JT Realmuto

There’s no denying that JT Realmuto is an All-Star but it’s starting to look like the Marlin’s price tag is getting too high to even validate this star. Reportedly the price keeps rising and by the looks of it, Miami is more than ready to keep him on well into spring training. As of writing this, the Marlins have made it crystal clear that they want at the minimum a top prospect or at least a promising young big leaguer, plus more, in exchange for Realmuto. The fact that Realmuto is still a Marlin is all you need to know to realize that the asking price is starting to get too high for Realmuto.

Heading into this hot stove season, many MLB betting online players were expecting Miami to trade Realmuto for a heavy return. Realmuto is scheduled to turn 28 in March and will have two years remaining on his contract before becoming a free agent in 2021. On top of that, Realmuto’s agent Jeff Berry told the media that his client has zero interest in signing an extension with the Marlins. Right now the Dodgers, Astros, Rays and Padres are the frontrunners to lock up this deal.

Rumors of Kluber-Bauer Trade Dying Down

At the start of the offseason, one of the biggest rumors to take over involved the Cleveland Indians. Apparently the team was highly interested in shopping one or both of their star right-handers; Corey Kluber and Trevor Bauer. Now the latest reports indicate that the Indians’ chances of trading them is diminishing day by day. Instead of looking to shop their talent, one rival executive claims that Cleveland is now interested in aggressively acquiring cheap roster stuffers rather than completing a riveting trade. This is pretty interesting news that sheds light on the situation in Cleveland.

Are the Cardinals Looking to Keep Jose Martinez?

Although they were able to acquired Paul Goldschmidt, that Cards still have a ton of problems that need fixing. And at the Winter Meetings in December, St. Louis reportedly agreed, or at least entertained the idea, to trade Jose Martinez before the 2019 season began. Apparently they felt that they just didn’t have a fit for him and would be able to pick up value from teams who do, such as the Rays, Astros and Dodgers. However, it’s now being reported that St. Louis was never all that interested in trading Martinez. All in all this is one MLB mobile betting story to keep up to date on as the season approaches.