2019 MLB Offseason Rankings for Aggressive Teams

Posted by: Charlie Smith
2019 MLB Offseason Rankings

There’s no denying that the 2019 online MLB betting season is still a long ways off. However, sportsbook betting players can use the offseason to catch up on all the latest happenings around the league. More importantly, MLB fans can use this time to see which teams around the league are making the most improvements. Afterwards, bettors can take that knowledge to make the most of the upcoming betting season. So, without any further ado, here are our 2019 MLB offseason rankings of teams who have made the best improvements.

2019 MLB Offseason Rankings

  1. Washington Nationals

The Nats have added talent all over the diamond and have subsequently landed the No. 5 spot on this list. General manager Rizzo was able to bring in Patrick Corbin, who is ubiquitously considered the best free agent available in this year’s class. On top of that, Rizzo (which reminds of Betty from Grease) was able to acquire none other than Anibal Sanchez and Jeremy Hellickson. Furthermore, Kyle Barraclough was brought in via trade and Trevor Rosenthal was also brought in. Other notable names that were brought in include Yan Gomes, Kurt Suzuki and Brian Dozier. Lastly, Matt Adams was added to bring some strength to the bench.

While that’s all fine and dandy, there are some issues facing Washington. For example, rumor has it that Bryce Harper will soon be leaving the franchise. And while they’ve done their best to prepare for that loss, there’s no telling how Washington will fare.

  1. New York Yankees

Although New York failed to snag Machado, they have still made a number of notable improvements. Ultimately the James Paxton trade came so soon into the offseason that many have forgotten its impact. Granted, Paxton’s health isn’t a guarantee but at the very least he’s an above average starter good for a minimum of 20 starts. Coupling him with the likes of Luis Severino gives the Yankees a series edge over most of the division, at least pitching wise. In addition, the club was able to re-sign JA Happ and CC Sabathia, both of whom are veteran left-handers, who should bolster their playoffs chances.

On top of that, the Yankees added a bunch of players form Colorado. This includes reliever Adam Ottavino (one of the better free agents available), DJ LeMahieu, and Troy Tulowitzki.

  1. Philadelphia Phillies

If the Phillies can snag Machado or sign Harper, they will undoubtedly have the best offseason in the MLB. Heck, even as of right now they’re sitting on one of the best in the MLB, seeing how highly they rank on this 2019 MLB offseason rankings list. This is because they’ve been able to add JT Realmuto and Jean Segura. Realmuto might be the best backstop in baseball and Segura is one of the better starters in the league. He can contribute on offense, bolster the defense and much more. Other people brought in by Philadelphia include Andrew McCutchen, David Robertson, Juan Nicasio, James Pazos and Jose Alvarez.

  1. New York Mets

The Mets finally made some big-market moves. Naturally, they’re getting the recognition they deserve for it. They brought in some of the flashiest names in baseball in Robinson Cano, Jed Lowrie, Wilson Ramos, Edwin Diaz an Jeurys Familia. Besides bringing in top level talent, the Mets were also able to add depth and security to their roster. Unfortunately New York has a pretty bad rep at the moment and will need more than a great offseason to convince sportsbooks of their upcoming success.

  1. Cincinnati Reds

The Reds are in a highly competitive division and have been having a tough time measuring up. Nevertheless, they’ve picked up a handful of veterans that could help tilt the scales in their favor. This includes the likes of Sonny Gray, Yasiel Puig, Alex Wood, Tanner Roark and even Matt Kemp.

In the end the Reds land the No. 1 spot on this list for their aggressive play. They could have just as easily waited until next year to make some moves but instead decided to capitalize on a market that many franchises where shrugging off. It’s looking like the move paid off.