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2019 Baseball Offseason Trade Rumors for MLB Sportsbook Fans

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
2019 Baseball Offseason Trade Rumors for MLB Sportsbook Fans

The regular season of MLB might be over, but offseason trade talks have been circulating around some of the top players and teams. It’s time for those winter meetings to take place and some of the top teams are keen on acquiring a new pair of hands. The rumors involve Chicago Cubs, Arizona Diamondbacks, Philadelphia Phillies and Seattle Mariners. MLB trade has always kept sportsbook fans excited and free agents have added to the anticipation.

2019 MLB Offseason Rumors & News for MLB Sportsbook Fans

Javier Baez to remain with Chicago Cubs

Chicago Cubs was one of those notable teams last season, but they failed to get to their desired position. Javier Baez performed well for the Cubs and he might remain with his team for the 2020 season. The 26-year-old player is more likely to get an extension and continue with the Chicago Cubs for a long-term.

Arizona Diamondbacks strike a deal with Stephen Vogt

San Francisco Giants will miss out on their catcher as Arizona Diamondbacks acquired Stephen Vogt this year. Vogt was a free agent and the Diamondbacks made use of the opportunity. As per reports, Vogt has signed a one-year deal with Arizona, but is open for a second year extension. Vogt will be the backup for the Diamondbacks, while Carson Kelly retains his main position.

Philadelphia Phillies sign Josh Harrison

Two-time All-Star player Josh Harrison has made his way from Detroit Tigers to Philadelphia Phillies. Josh Harrison was unable to do much last season due to several issues. The 32-year-old infielder struggled to cope after his hamstring injury. The Phillies made a wise decision to sign Harrison with a minor-league deal.

Houston Astros acquire Dustin Garneau

Martin Maldonado and Robinson Chirinos hit the free agency this year and the Astros have part ways with both their catchers. Houston fought their way to become the second best team this year and they have brought good news to their fans by getting ahold of Dustin Garneau. The Astros have just made a wise move to get a veteran like Garneau with a one-year contract.

Kendall Graveman signs $2 Million deal with Seattle Mariners

Seattle Mariners are looking to make changes to their squad for a better season next year according to top mobile betting site. The Mariners have acquired starting pitcher Kendall Graveman for a one-year deal. Seattle has never entered the World Series and they look forward to making a change. Graveman has struggled with injury issues last year, but he should be on the right track with the Mariners in the upcoming season.

Washington Nationals will do their best to defend the title, but the Yankees are also keen on fighting hard for the 2020 MLB season. Several other teams are all set to start their season with a few changes. Watch out for more updates and trade rumors as the off season has already interested fans with some unexpected changes.