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2018 MLB Offseason Rumors for Sportsbook Fans

Posted by: Charlie Smith
2018 MLB Offseason Rumors

The winter meetings are upon us forcing many online MLB betting fans to wonder about any and all 2018 MLB offseason rumors. Monday marked the beginning of what is ubiquitously considered the 4 busiest days of the MLB offseason, kicking off at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. Ultimately representatives from all 30 teams will be situated I the same place, greatly increasing the efficacy of negotiations. To help out MLB sportsbook fans, we’ve assembled this list to help catch you up on all the important offseason rumors. Take a look.

2018 MLB Offseason Rumors & News  

Yankees, Mets & Marlins Eyeing Up a 3-way

This is a big one. Reportedly the Mets, Yankees and Marlins are in talks regarding a three-way trade that would see catcher JT Realmuto make the move to Queens. Likewise right-handed Noah Syndergaard would be headed to the Bronx. You can catch more details regarding this trade here.

Harper Harping on the Nationals

As of right now the Philadelphia Phillies are the favorites to sign Bryce Harper. This is further validated by the fact that we’re expecting Harper to meet with the Phillies in the coming weeks. However, Harper has made it clear that he will not meet with Washington. This was to be expected in the end, since Washington has verbally closed the door on a potential return.

Brewers Vying to Bolster Infield

Currently the Milwaukee Brewers are set to kick off the season with either Hernan Perez or Tyler Saladino as the starter on second base. That’s not an ideal situation for a franchise that is looking to make the trip to the playoffs once more. So, online MLB betting pundits believe that they will try to retain Daniel Murphy as well as Mike Moustakas, third baseman who’s a free agent at the moment.

Murphy still has plenty of hitting potential, more so in platoon-advantaged situations. On the flip side, Milwaukee won’t get much value out of him on 3rd base. And even though his batting skills make him worthy of being on the roster, he’s not someone you can reliably turn to in the midfield. If Mike Moustakas does make the return to the Brewers, this would likely force Travis Shaw to spend a considerable amount of time on second base. Keep an eye on Milwaukee to make other free-agent moves in the coming months.

Rays & Indians Engaged in Talks

The word on the street is that Tampa Bay is looking to pick up some payroll. At the same time Cleveland is looking to drop some off. Naturally this makes them ideal candidates for one another, mobile betting players would assume. Currently the rumors revolve around designated hitter Edwin Encarnacion and/or Yandy Diaz moving to St. Pete. This would be of course, in exchanged for some relief pitching.

The Diaz/Encarnacion acquisition would give Tampa Bay another right-handed batter. It’s looking like the Rays will settle on Encarnacion since Diaz comes with a hefty price tag. In fact he’s owed at least $25 million and a $5 million buyout option on his 2020 club selection. It’s unlikely that Tampa Bay would be willing to swallow all that.