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2018 MLB All-Star Break: Important Takeaways From 1st Half of Season

Posted by: Mike Davis
2018 MLB All-Star Break Image

This past Sunday marked the start of a brief online MLB betting hiatus as the 2018 MLB All-Star Break is now officially under way. Subsequently, the league will undergo a minor halt in the coming days to observe the All-Star match as well as give the rest of the league a brief break. So, having said that, what are some sports betting takeaways from the 1st half of this year’s season?

2018 MLB All-Star Break || Takeaways from 1st Half of the Season

The AL Isn’t as Entertaining as We Would Like it to Be

MLB odds-makers might not agree wholeheartedly, but the baseball statistics analytical community is pretty confident that the best three teams in the MLB are all housed in the AL. Moreover, 5 of the most dominant 8 teams in the league are also housed in the Junior Circuit. All in all the standings also reflect this adequately.

Right now the Boston Red Sox, Houston Astros, and New York Yankees are noticeably better than the rest. The Cleveland Indians aren’t too far behind that title and the Seattle Mariners are consistently coming out on top – much to everyone’s surprise. And while seeing this much dominance is all fine and dandy, it does take a lot of speculation out of the year. We pretty much know who’ll make the playoffs out of the AL. Granted that might make for some great online MLB betting predictions, but it doesn’t make for some thrilling baseball.

Manny Machado Will Have Much ado about the NL

While the AL is all but locked up, the NL is very much still up for grabs. In fact, no divisional leader in the NL has built up even a 3-game lead. Moreover, the clogs in each division are bound to unravel towards the trade deadline. And it’s looking like Manny Machado’s fate will play a big hand in determining the playoff picture.

With the Phillies, Diamondbacks, Cubs, Brewers, and Dodgers all having past ties to Manny, it’s looking like either the Nats, Cards, Rockies or Giants will be the newer teams to check on Machado. Machado is a shortstop who could be good for 40+ runs. While his defense isn’t what it used to be, his offense can certainly tilt the scales in the playoffs’ direction.

Things are Heating Up for Washington

While the Nats may be hosting the All-Star week’s festivities, they’re definitely not landing Machado. Subsequently, it’s looking like Washington could be missing out on this year’s postseason.

All things considered, Washington ranks amongst one of the most disappointing teams this year. Bryce Harper’s season isn’t going the way they were hoping. In lieu they’ve received nothing but underperformance and injuries to boot. Even as they head into the 2018 MLB All-Star break, the Nats are contending with a whopping 9 players on the disabled list. Unsurprisingly, the club has posted a 14-25 record since they’re eye-raising 32-23 start. If they don’t turn things around quick, it’s pretty clear the Nats will be missing out on this year’s postseason. In other words, players learning how to bet MLB online should shy away from backing Washington in the second half of the season.