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2016 Home Run Derby Updated Odds and Analysis

Fans of baseball can all agree that home runs are the most exciting part of the game, and if you love to bet on MLB games, why not wager on a game that’s dedicated to hitting it out of the park. Although there isn’t any regular season baseball scheduled for Monday night, Betnow is still bringing sportsbook users the chance to bet on MLB’s Home Run Derby. The game is scheduled to start at 8 p.m. ET, so grab some peanuts and crackerjacks and tune in for the Home Run Derby winner odds.

Giancarlo Stanton (19 home runs) +300     Wil Myers (19 home runs) +600
Mark Trumbo (26 home runs) +350            Carlos Gonzales (18 home runs) +850
Todd Frazier (23 home runs) +500             Corey Seager (17 home runs) +900
Adam Duvall (22 home runs) +600            Robinson Cano (20 home runs) +900

If you’re going to pick a winner then you should familiarize yourself with the new format. In an effort to make the home run derby both quicker and more entertaining, new MLB commissioner Robert Manfred has implemented a unique format to help speed the game up. Previously players would get 10 outs per at bat, and there were three rounds that each player had to go through. These derbies would drag on for several hours and by the time the third round begun most audiences had lost interest. The new rules pit two sluggers against each other by having 5-minute rounds where each batter can try and hit as many home runs as possible. Whoever hits the most then advances to the next round within the three round Derby.

The first round will feature #1 Mark Trumbo against #8 Corey Seager, #4 Robinson Cano against #5 Giancarlo Stanton, #3 Adam Duvall vs. #6 Wil Myers, and #2 Todd Frazier against #7 Carlos Gonzales. When picking a winner it’s important to consider both these first round matchups and the endurance of the batters. During the final minute the clock will be stopped with every home run that is hit, and if the ball travels far enough the batters will be able to gain some additional time.

Trumbo’s odds paint him as one of the two favorites heading into tonight’s derby. His 26 home runs this season can assure those who bet on MLB’s Home Run Derby that he will crush Seager in the first round. Trumbo’s efforts have helped lead the Orioles flock to the top of the AL East and he should have no problem flying into the second round.

Adam Duvall and Wil Myers are both pegged at +600 odds to win this year’s derby and their first round matchup will have the two sluggers swing it out. Myers might have a slight advantage coming into this one considering that 13 of his last 19 home runs have been hit at Petco Park, home of this year’s home run derby.

The underdog and the favorite will be facing each other in the first round. Cano recently went 17 consecutive games without hitting a long ball, while Stanton has hit four home runs out of his last 16 at-bats. The only chance Cano has of pulling an upset is to outlast Stanton under the Derby’s new rules.

Todd Frazier is the defending Derby champ heading into tonight’s matchups and he will be looking to defend his title in the first round against Carlos Gonzales. Gonzales’ odds list him at the bottom and you can expect the defending champ to have no problem swinging past him in the first round.