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The Road to Betting on the Kentucky Derby

Betting on the Kentucky Derby – Can you feel it? We’re just a brief period away from the Kentucky Derby. It will be, as ever, the first Saturday in May. “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” is indeed that, and this year looks like it’s going to be particularly exciting. As the oldest continuously held major sporting event in America (yes, it predates all of the other sports that you can bet here at our site) it has a lot to live up to. This year’s field looks very strong. Of course, you’ll be able to bet on The Kentucky Derby (and everything else related to horse racing here at our site). 

Currently, the field hasn’t winnowed down to the 20 horses that are going to compete in the Kentucky Derby. As of now, there are still many more horses out there, each with a shot to make it to the big race at Churchill Downs, one of the truly amazing sporting events on the calendar year. 

Betting on the Kentucky Derby: The Favorites 

As the field narrows down, the top twenty horses separate themselves from the pack. Some really do so. Case in point: Forte. As of this writing, Forte is your clear favorite. Going off at 7-2 currently, he goes into The Kentucky Derby with, for lack of a better phrase, a full head of steam. He has the most wins, the most career earnings, and the most qualifying points as well. That’s a pretty impressive resume. His trainer, Todd Pletcher, has won the roses twice already. This is a horse that’s going to be bet on by a lot of folks. How do you think he’s going to do? 

That said, Forte isn’t the only favorite that’s from Todd Pletcher’s barn. “Tapit Trice” also comes in on a hot streak, albeit less hot than Forte. Winner of four races in a row, even including races such as the Blue Grass and the Tampa Bay Derby. For a lot of people that are going to want to stay away from the massive Forte hype, this is going to be a fallback option for plenty of folks. Tapit Trice currently sits at 6-1 to win. 

Not far off at 8-1 is “Angel of Empire.” With 154 points to his name, this is a horse that’s had a great road to The Kentucky Derby, and it wouldn’t be a surprise at all to see this horse pull it out. As far as the next slate of favorites go, there are multiple horses which, right now, sit at 10-1. They are “Practical Move” and “Derma Sotogake” respectively. Right behind them at 12-1 is “Kingsbarns.” Those are the horses that have better odds than 20-1. How do you feel about them? Is one of these horses the eventual winner of The Kentucky Derby? 

The Longshots 

As far as horses that maybe don’t have the best chance but could get you a massive payout should they win, you’ll find that includes “Raise Cain,” which is currently sitting at 40-1. In fact, there are multiple horses at 40-1, including “Rocket Can” and “Continuar.” It should be noted that “Continuar” comes from Japan. As you may know, there’s a “road to the Kentucky Derby” standings in Japan just like in America. While Continuar did win that, he’s something of a big underdog here. However, there are bigger long shots and underdogs in the field. 

Specifically, “Lord Miles” comes in at 50-1. Many of the horses that come into the race as longshots maybe didn’t have the best season, but happened to win a race at one time or another and that gave them the boost to get in. Lord Miles is a case in point here, as the horse won in the Wood Memorial with 59-1 odds. 

When it comes to longshots in the Derby, however, there’s nothing like Wild On Ice. Why? Because, by the time the race gets here, Wild On Ice will most likely be the single longest shot in the Run for the Roses. At 99-1, this is a true longshot in every sense of the word. What do you think will happen? Will these horses fall behind? Or can they do something miraculous? 

Bet the Derby How You Want 

Betting on the Kentucky Derby: It’s important to note that, when it comes to a race like this, there are so, so many more bets than just betting on the winner. You can also bet to place, to show, the trifecta, and so much more. You’ll be able to find all of this right here at our site. Through BetNow, you’ll be able to bet on the Derby in exactly the way that you want. Moreover, you’ll be able to do so with the full functionality that we offer. Good luck to you in the Kentucky Derby and all throughout Triple Crown season!