The Case of the Online Horse Betting Debacle in Singapore

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
Singapore Online Horse Betting

The latest online horse betting news involves a rather interesting narrative regarding corruption within the sport. The latest reports out of the Orient indicate that police have placed six Singaporeans into custody for alleged illicit horse betting activities. In a sport where battling corruption is an ever-looming threat, this sports betting online news should be received with a warm welcome. The law authorities within Singapore validated the news which claimed that the arrest had taken place on Sunday. Furthermore, reports also indicate that law enforcement seized a cash sum of $3,500 as well as a list of documents further detailing the betting records.

This type of news is nothing new especially to longtime sports betting online players. Corruption in sports betting, whether it be fixing games or races, or bribing others to perform below their best, is as old as time itself. But while it may have a rich history, there is unquestionably no room in online horse betting for those types of nefarious incident. A best case scenario for the arrests in Singapore would be an operation that is able to catch higher ups in the sport that are engaging in these despicable actions. Looking over the released information on the suspects, these arrests might just lead to that sort of thing.

According to the official story, the suspects that were arrested were snagged during an operation at Block 65, Circuit Road. All the suspects ended up being male and all of them were aged between 54 and 76. This may lead some bettors to believe that the suspects have been around this type of corruption for quite some time, making their contacts and any information that they may have extremely valuable. But that’s as far as online horse betting players can speculate regarding this matter considering that all the information regarding the identity of the suspects has been withheld by the proper law enforcement agencies.

Over the last couple of years, betting has become more and more popular around Circuit Road. This has led the Criminal Investigation Department to conduct several investigations into the locality. There’s no question that the multitude of investigations the department has conducted led to these arrests.

The details released by officials have made it clear that the six suspects arrested are accused of performing various betting roles, albeit illicitly, such as; punters, bookmakers, and even runners. The process to indictment is moving along speedily since 3 out of the 6 people arrested will be charged in court this Wednesday. As for the other 3, police would like to conduct some further investigations before bringing them in front of a judge and submitting them to the court process.

As for what these criminals could face; Singapore’s laws indicate that a person who is found guilty of betting illicitly with a bookmaker will be fined up to $5000 Singapore dollars and imprisonment for six months or a combination of both. People found to be involved in bookmaking will be fined between $2,000-$20,000 and can face imprisonment for up to 5 years.