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Bet Kentucky Derby 2023 at BetNow: Odds, Favorites, and More

Can you feel the excitement! The Kentucky Derby is just a few short days away. On May 6th, the 149th “Race for the Roses” will commence. Of course, while the horses are racing for the roses, you can be racing for the winnings. We have many different ways that you can bet on The Kentucky Derby here at BetNow. You can pick the winner, sure, but you can also bet on so much more than that. We know when it comes to finding a way to bet Kentucky Derby 2023, you want options, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at BetNow. 

Bet Kentucky Derby 2023 Odds 

How do you feel about the horses in the Kentucky Derby? Do you like the favorites? Or, alternatively, do you think a longshot is in order? When it comes to favorites in The Kentucky Derby, in this year, 2023, we’ve got a clear favorite. “Forte” comes through loud and clear as the definitive favorite in this year’s Derby. Going off at +200, this is the horse that all of the experts believe has the best chance to win. With the next closest horse coming in at +500, Forte is a powerful favorite. How do you feel about Forte? Will they win, or will they race a bit more pianissimo? (To make a music joke.) 

Then, the second tier of the odds has many horses all bunched together, more or less. Tapit Trice is at +500, Angel of Empire at +500, with Derma Sotagake and Practical Move both at +800. They aren’t “favorites” exactly, but they sure aren’t longshots, either. These are horses that our handicappers expect to have a very good chance to win it all when the race concludes. How do you feel about each of them? Will they be the horse to silence Forte? 

After that, you start to get out into the horses that are a bit more of a longshot. These include Continuar +5000, Cyclone Mischief +4800, and Sun Thunder +6300. While these may seem like real longshots, remember: this is the Kentucky Derby. No one gets here by accident. These horses have run well just to get to this point. So, we’ve reached the point of asking the question: who do you think is going to win The Kentucky Derby? 

Kentucky Derby Prop Bets at BetNow 

The Kentucky Derby is about more than just which horse is going to win (even though that may very well be all that history remembers). That said, you can win with more than just picking the odds for one horse or another. Indeed, we always want to give our bettors as many opportunities to win as possible. To that end, you can bet on plenty of prop bets here at our site. 

Horse racing betting, if you’re new to it, can be a bit intimidating. With so many odds, numbers, horses, resumes, and the like to know, it can be challenging to figure out exactly which horse is the one that you should bet on. That’s just one of the reasons that these props are so popular: you can just go with something else, something that maybe doesn’t require years of research, and win big then. 

To that end, you can pick the color of the winning horse. The odds on favorite, as of this writing, is “Dark Bay.” Our handicappers have that as -120. Why? Well, multiple horses have that color. Moreover, “Dark Bay,” in this context, is synonymous with “Brown Colt.” 

You can bet on much more than that, too. For example, you can bet on the First Place Saddlecloth Winner as well as the Last Place Saddlecloth Winner. Also, one of our more popular prop bets: you can bet on the margin of victory in the Kentucky Derby. Do you think it’s going to be by a head, a neck, a number of lengths, or, the big longshot, a “dead heat?” If it’s the latter, you can make some big bucks. 

Bet Kentucky Derby and Beyond 

Here at our site, you can bet on more than just the Derby, of course. We also have everything you need to be able to bet on the NHL playoffs, the NBA playoffs, the start of the baseball season, and so much more. You can bet it all right here at our site!