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  • Racebooks Primed for Dubai World Cup

    2017 Dubai World Cup Betting oddsRace horse betting fans can rejoice as a New Year signifies another round of the world’s premier horse races taking off. It may still be early in the year, but racebook fans can still look forward to the 2017 Dubai World Cup Carnival. The Dubai World Cup Carnival annually hosts the biggest names of the ...

  • The Most Renowned Event in Horse Betting

    The Most Renowned Event in Horse Betting - Breeders’ CupHorse betting fans can have something else to look forward to as the annual Breeders’ Cup World Championship is right around the corner. The 33rd Breeders’ Cup World Championship, undeniably the most prestigious 2-day global event for Thoroughbred horses, is inching closer every day and punters are beginning to scourge the internet for the latest ...

  • Understanding the Basics of Horse Betting

    Basics of Horse BettingHorse betting has been around ever since humans started racing horses. While it can certainly be profitable there is a good amount of skill, and a tremendous amount of luck, that goes into finding success at the racebooks. Thanks to the internet the tools and information necessary to engage in meaningful predictions are right at ...

  • Who will win this Year’s Mid-Summer Derby?

    Mid-Summer Derby 2016 PredictionsHorse betting will be adding another Mid-Summer Derby to its long and storied history. The first Mid-Summer Derby was held all the way back in 1864 and in the 146 derbies they’ve held since then, this year’s Travers Stakes might be the most open. The race will be hosted at the Saratoga Race Track in ...

  • Byrnes hits the Three, Walks Away with Six

    Byrnes hits the ThreeRacebook fans love the sport because it provides a fun, exciting way to make some money. On top of being entertaining, the revenue can also come in pretty quickly. Charles Byrnes is an example of someone making a hefty amount of money in just one night. Byrnes was able to put together a bet at ...