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2023 The Breeders’ Cup Update

2023 The Breeders’ Cup Update: It may not be the longest tenured race, but it’s one of the most important. The Breeders’ Cup is coming up sooner than you think. This means that it’s time to do your research, to get started, to figure out what you’re going to bet on one of the biggest horse races there is. Of course, to be able to figure out where you’re going, you have to think about where you’ve been. The 2023 Breeder’s Cup is, in so many ways, a “fresh face” among the big horse races, the new kid at the school, so to speak. But, it already has a legacy all its own. 

Who Has the Most Wins at the Breeders’ Cup? 

When it comes to horse racing, we tend to think of the “trainers” as those that are collecting the wins when it comes to the horses (unless, of course, we’re talking about the owners). When it comes to trainers who have won a lot of Breeders’ Cups, it doesn’t get any better than D. Wayne Lukas. They’ve already got 20 wins. That’s a staggering number when you remember just how few Breeders’ Cups there have been already (especially when compared to the other races). 

The name that’s in second place will not be a surprise to anyone reading this: Bob Baffert. A name that is, in so many ways synonymous with being a famous horse trainer, he’s taken home 17 wins at the Breeders’ Cup. After that, you get into a bunch of folks who have a similar number, just a few wins back from Bob. But, D. Wayne and Bob are clearly the class of the Breeders’ Cup, so far. 

2023 The Breeders’ Cup Update: Who Has the Most Wins at the Breeders’ Cup as a Jockey? 

Yes, the horse is special, but even a great horse needs a great jock. Hence, the names on this list of the best, winningest jockeys when it comes to the Breeders’ Cup. It starts with Mike Smith. He’s got 26 wins. That’s a huge number and well, well over the second place jockey, John R. Velazquez. It’s hard to win at the Breeders’ Cup (to say the very least). Thus, that these guys were able to do it at such a big number is really something. 

After that, there are several winners who have impressive numbers in their teens, but nothing like what Mike Smith has done. That’s the kind of number that very well may not be caught for a long time to come. 

Who’s the Winningest Horse at the Breeders’ Cup? 

It’s important to remember that the Breeders’ Cup isn’t part of the “Triple Crown.” Rather, it’s just a very big, very important race that occurs during the season. Thus, the winners of the Breeders’ Cup aren’t quite as immortalized as those that were able to make it through all three legs of the Triple Crown and take home the title. 

That said, the horses that were able to win the big bucks over the course of their career at the Breeders’ Cup stand out indeed. The big money winner (literally) right now is Zenyatta, with $4,680,000. Unlike some of the other lists that we’ve gone over here so far, this isn’t a “run away and hide” category. There are other horses on this list who have earned plenty of money for their owners, too. 

Case in point, “Tiznow” isn’t all that far behind Zenyatta with $4,560,400. That’s a close number to Zenyatta. The truth is that there’s so much money at the Breeders’ Cup, it’s a chance for plenty of folks, at every stage of the race, to be able to make the big bucks. 

Who Are the Winningest Owners at the Breeders’ Cup? 

As of this writing, it’s Juddmonte Farms. And, it’s not particularly close, either. They have earned $17,135,820. Second pale, currently, is Godolphin at $15,061,735. That too is an impressive number, and after there third place is Magnier (which consists of Mrs. John, Tabor, Michael, and Smith, Derrick) to the tune of $14,145,725. 

After that, however, the earnings fall off big time. 4th place all time is a little more than half of what Magnier has made. So, when it comes to owners who have earned a lot here at the Breeders’ Cup, it’s these people and no one else. 

Who Are the Most Successful Breeders at the Breeders’ Cup? 

They call it the Breeders’ Cup for a reason. The breeders are super important. In races this tight between horses this impressive, every little advantage counts. To that end, Adena Springs does great work, having come in at $10,112,400 as the top earning breeder. Juddmonte Farms (recognize that name from anywhere) is right behind them at $8,273,820. That’s pretty close. It shows just how tight these races can be. However, if you’re on any of these lists, you are the very epitome of success. 

2023 The Breeders’ Cup Update: What’s Going to Happen at the 2023 Breeders’ Cup? 

That has yet to be determined. The field is, of course, incredible as it always is for this event. Good luck to you no matter how you decide to bet on the horse races!