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2022 Belmont Stakes: Odds, Picks, and Predictions

The 2022 Belmont Stakes has finally arrived and bettors have been on betting portals as they continue to place their bets. With a tough competition this time, there has been a couple of picks and predictions. However, it turns out that Mo Donegal has been the favorite to win the stakes this season. There will be eight runners for the big race and this is going to be a huge win for those who make it first to the finish line.

Mo Donegal and Rich Strike remain on top

Mo Donegal and Rich Strike remain on top of the favorites to win this season. Yet, Creative Minister is one of the other competitors that is expected to be in the top three. Creative Minister has the stamina and the speed to keep up and some of the recent betting odds have been in favor of Creative Minister. There is no doubt that Mo Donegal tops the chart followed by Rich Striker. However, Creative Minister is trailing right behind.

The event will take place at Belmont Park this Saturday and this will be the final leg of the Triple Crown. Rich Strike is one of the favorites, especially after his run at Churchill Downs. Rich Strike became the second-longest priced winner and is now all set to put up a good show once again. Mo Donegal finished behind Rich Strike at Churchill downs, but this is going to be a tough race between these three.

Creative Minister Betting Odds at +650

As for Creative Minister, there is huge potential and the odds of winning are equally high. Creative Minister made it to the top by early voting just like Mo Donegal. There are equal amount of betting odds in place for Creative Minister but Mo Donegal and Rich Hill is one of the toughest competitions that are ready to make it to the top. The betting stakes are high as Mo Donegal is at +225 (9/4).

Belmont Stakes Prize

The total grand prize for the Belmont State is going to be a solid $800,000. The total will represent approximately 53 percent of the total prize money that is up for grabs. All competing horses will have a fair chance and roughly around $530,000 will be split between the trailer, owner, and the jockey. With the Kentucky Derby and the Peakness Stakes over, the Belmont Stakes is the final run that is left.

Wagering on Belmont Stakes has never been easier with all the horse racing betting odds and lines available online. The Belmont Stakes is one of the best horseracing events to take place and it is one of the top events for horses and jockeys. This is also one of the best events to maximize winnings when it comes to betting. Place your bet now to make the best of this event.