2019 Breeders’ Cup and Betting On Horse Racing

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
2019 Breeders’ Cup and Betting On Horse Racing

The 2019 Breeders’ Cup is one of the best opportunities in betting on horse racing there is. For two days, you’ll have an incredible opportunity to make a lot of money through horse racing action. You don’t have to be anywhere near Santa Anita Park to be a part of it, either. You can simply come to BetNow and get a bet down today. The online horse betting odds are already at our site. So, you can bet early on get on with your day. Of course, you can wait till the last minute, too: we’ve got you covered, regardless. There are plenty of great horses in the Breeders’ Cup. You should always do as much research as you deem necessary, but there are some basic facts to know about the horses to get you going.

2019 Breeders Cup Championship – Friday and Saturday, November 1 and 2  

When: 8:44 PM EDT

Where: Santa Anita Park, Arcadia, California

TV: NBC Sports and TVG

Stream: Facebook (@BreedersCup) and YouTube (@BreedersCup)

Betting On Horse Racing at the 2019 Breeders’ Cup 

At 5/1 odds, Elate is one of the favorites in the Breeders’ Cup. While this horse may be a bit older than some of the others in the field, that doesn’t make this horse any less likely to run away with this thing. Training matters. Upbringing matters. Horse racing aficionados have heard the name “Claiborne Farm” for a reason. That’s where this horse comes from, and it shows. 

Second chances rarely come around in life. Sometimes, we’re struck by bad luck, and it can take us a long time to get back. That’s the story of Code Of Honor, a horse with 7/2 odds in the Breeders’ Cup. If the name sounds familiar, there’s a reason for that: the horse was one of the favorites in last year’s Breeders’ Cup. But, the horse had a fever just before the race, so the horse was withdrawn. Today, the horse seems healthier than ever. This could be the year that Code of Honor makes up for last year and wins the whole thing. 

In the Breeders’ Cup, many of these horses have resumed. They’ve won before. Several of these horses are former champions or have won elsewhere, which means that they know what it takes to win. That’s certainly what you’ll find in the three-horse, Vino Rosso. Going off at (of this writing) 7/2 odds, Vino Rosso won the Wood Memorial Stakes at Aqueduct. Can this horse bring those same winning ways to Southern California? 

A Field of Champions 

Have you ever worked very hard for something over a long period of time only to come up just short? If so, has that changed your motivation? Yoshida, the two-horse, going off at 7/2, ran the Breeders’ Cup Classic last year but didn’t win. The horse came in fourth. Of course, that was one year ago: a lot of training and racing has occurred since. It’s entirely possible that this horse returns to the Breeders’ Cup but this time finishes much higher in the race. 

In fact, there are opportunities for redemption all throughout the 2019 Breeders’ Cup lineup. McKinzie, at 2/1, is a name that will be familiar to many who track Triple Crown contenders. The problem is that this horse didn’t get to run in any of the 2018 Triple Crown events, despite being pegged as a contender truly early on. Those opportunities may have passed, but the Breeders’ Cup has not. Here, the horse absolutely has a chance to win this race as a kind of redemption. 

Those are just a few of the horses in the race. There are many others. In fact, the winner might not be one of the horses that we’ve highlighted above. As ever, your own research is paramount. That said, when it comes to research vs. your gut feeling, most people will go with their gut. As of this writing, you still have some time before the big race begins. Whether you finish your research very early in the day, or right before the race, you can get a bet down before the race at BetNow. 

2019 Breeders Cup Betting Favorites (Classic)


  • Math Wizard 30-1
  • Seeking the Soul 20-1
  • Owendale 15-1
  • War of Will 20-1
  • Yoshida (JPN) 7-2
  • Mind Your Biscuits 11-1
  • Elate 5-1
  • Higher Power 6-1
  • McKinzie 2-1
  • Mongolian Groom 12-1
  • Vino Rosso 7-2
  • Code of Honor 7-2

A Rebate and More 

Perhaps even more so than other kinds of sports, you can get a bet down on horse racing practically anywhere. You can do so at physical locations, on your computer, and practically anywhere else. We understand the competition for betting on a horse race is high. That’s why we do everything we can to make BetNow the most palatable place for your horse racing betting needs. So, if you bet with us, we’ll give you an 8% horse rebate. We see that as one more way that we can make betting on horse races that much more palatable and accessible to our customers. Besides, it allows us to reward you for betting on the ponies with us. When you’re ready for the Breeders’ Cup or so many other horse races, you can bet on them at BetNow. Sign up today to make your online betting prediction!
Racebook Pick: McKinzie.