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Where to Bet on Golf for The Match: Champions for Charity

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Where to Bet on Golf for The Match Champions for Charity

On Sunday, May 24th, 2020, we’ll have actual sports and is the perfect opportunity to bet on golf. These sports will have the names of people you’ve definitely heard of. That’s been a rarity, unfortunately, during the COVID-19 pandemic. But, this golf match will be fascinating, seeing some of the biggest names in the world go at it. This is a real “comfort food” kind of thing – people you like doing something you want to see. Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning will take on Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. Truly the best opportunity to start betting on golf.


Bet on Golf on BetNow: The Matchup 

It’s an interesting pairing. It makes sense to have Phil with Brady, as Tiger with Brady might feel like a bit much.  This also makes more sense than say, having Tiger and Phil try to compete with Peyton and Brady at avoiding a pass rush, hitting a tight end over the middle, and so forth. It should make for a compelling matchup. 

The format is going to be interesting, too. This is match play, one team against the other. It will be best ball on the front nine, and then alternate shot on the back nine. “Best ball” means that both golfers play their own golf balls throughout the entire hole and then the lower of the two scores between them will be the score that counts for the team. 

As you might imagine, it’s more likely that, say, the professional golfer is going to have the best ball more likely than not (as opposed to the sure NFL hall of fame quarterback). Alternate shot is different, and where you’re more likely to see something very different. There, each player on the team alternates taking a shot. 

So, it’ll be Tiger Woods for one shot, and Peyton Manning for the next. Then, on the other side, Phil will go first, followed by Brady. That means that there won’t be any “hiding” the non-professional golfer (although, Peyton and Brady are no doubt very good golfers, they just aren’t famous for playing golf). That’s especially unique as it comes on the back nine, where the match will likely be decided. 


A Good Cause

This is called “Champions for Charity” for a reason – it’s for some truly great charities that are doing wonderful work during the pandemic. The American Red Cross, Direct Relief, Save Small Business, the ALL In Challenge – they’ll all be represented here.

There’s another good cause that your money could go to in addition to these charities: to yourself winning more money. You can bet on this event at our site. Sure, it might seem like a fun exhibition between some of the biggest sports names over the last 20-plus years. But, it could be a great opportunity for you to win some money during this time. 

As of this writing, we’ve got Tiger Woods and Peyton Manning favored over Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady, but not by much. Largely, this is off of the skill of the professional golfer. Tiger may not be what he was, but Phil isn’t, either. That said, you never know what’s going to happen in the course of match play. It’s entirely possible that with those swirling winds at Medalist, something unexpected could occur. In 18 holes, it’s entirely possible that Mickelson and Brady pull it out. 

For the first nine holes, sure, it will probably be mostly Phil vs. Tiger. That’s the nature of best ball. But, on the back nine, it could change entirely. There, you really do have to take into account the idea of Brady golfing against Peyton Manning. If Manning keeps hitting shots that don’t go where they’re supposed to, that could make it difficult for Tiger to get them back on track. These are all things that you have to keep in mind. 


Betting at the Speed of Sports 

This is written on a Friday, Friday afternoon, specifically. Who’s to say that things don’t change by Sunday? As circumstances change, so too do the odds. When events like this pop up, we make sure that you’ll be able to bet on golf at BetNow. That way, you can bet on everything that you want to. When sports come around, in any form, you’ll be able to find them right here at BetNow.