Should Tennis’ Governing Bodies Speed up the Game?

Posted by: Charlie Smith
Livingstone’s Golf Critique

For a long time now, online golf betting fans have been watching an increase in the calls to hasten the game of golf. It’s no surprise as to why, seeing how the sport struggles to rake in younger viewers. And to help out, David Livingstone has spoken out about the need for golf’s governing bodies to step in and speed up the game. How you may ask? Livingstone says it’s simple, all they need to do is punish those players who are chewing up too much time. But would this move be helpful or detrimental to the sport? Let’s explore the sports betting possibilities down below.

Livingstone’s Golf Critique

Following the critique of JB Holmes’ ply at the Genesis Open, golf expert David Livingstone penned a column talking about the problems the sport is facing. Namely its inability to draw the attention of younger fans. This is a problem moving forward because unless golf is able to rejuvenate it’s fan base, it will surely lose its battle against father time.

It’s no secret that online golf betting is considered rather boring by the younger generation. However, any youngster would find entertainment in watching Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods gunning down Justin Thomas this past Sunday night. The only problem is that the current state of the sport allows players to refrain from this type of entertaining play.

So instead of watching that aforementioned scenario, we were treated to a boring outing form JB Holmes. Although he came out on top, he certainly didn’t entertain the nation. But in the end, he was highly criticized for his inability to follow major rule rewrites that are designed to make the game more digestible for younger audiences.

In the end, there’s only one thing that players need to keep in mind: speed it up. While there’s no denying that it’s difficult to speed things up in trying conditions surrounded by the best golfers the planet has to offer, it’s ultimately the task that befalls these players. And in the end, players like Holmes and DeChambeau have been taking too much time for too long now.

Do the Culprits Care?

The season is in its stages and it’s clear that golf experts are coming for these two. The reason is clear, they’re largely perceived as the actors in this case. So what exactly are they doing? Well, they’re basically taking the joy out of the sport by taking excruciatingly longer than their competition. What’s worse is the fact that they’re perfectly conscious of their actions and subsequent consequences.

Despite the criticism from their peers, both DeChambeau and Holmes have failed to make any tangible changes. Last year we saw Holmes take heat for being in the middle of an obvious slow play issue. And now, he’s drawing criticism for the exact same issue.

We see this play out in his tournaments. Instead of making his calculations while his opponents are taking their shots, Holmes waits until after they’re done. So why does he choose to do this? Livingstone claims that it’s because golf’s governing bodies don’t step in and penalize the man.

All too often these governing bodies take a soft tone when addressing these issues publically. While it’s understandable that they don’t want to poke the game too much and ruin it, they also need to get with the times. This is an old sport that needs to be updated in order to draw a younger crowd. Failure to do so will see golf die out in the coming years. Ultimately this would be a massive bummer for tennis sportsbook players.