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Limited Fan Appearances Likely to Remain in 2021 US PGA Tour Season

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Limited Fan Appearances Likely to Remain in 2021 US PGA Tour Season

The appearance of spectators in the new season of the US Professional Golfers Association (PGA) Tour will remain limited. Golf officials say it will depend on the state that hosts the tournaments. The state will determine if the presence of fans is required.

Even if there is a vaccine available for the coronavirus disease, PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan said that he will not require golfing enthusiasts proof. This is pertaining to whether they received a shot of the vaccine just to enter the country clubs where tournaments are staged. Monahan said in a recent interview that it is ultimately an individual decision of fans to be vaccinated for COVID-19. The golf official hopes that the fans will be allowed to enter the country club premises in March as the Florida swing of the US PGA Tour commences. The month of March will be critical for the American golfing circuit. This is because it will lead up to The Masters. It is typically held in April until the virus rescheduled it to November.

The 2020 Houston Open in November had limited fans in the stands. It was the same the month before in the Bermuda Championships. The first scheduled US PGA Tour event in 2021 is titled as the Tournament of Champions. It will release “limited tickets for on-site guests.”. Moreover, the fans will not be allowed to follow the players. They will gather them in one space near the 18th hole. The scenario appears opposite in Torrey Pines. The Farmers Insurance Open in end-January 2021 will not permit fans to enter the course. The ban on fans in Torrey Pines would likely be the picture. This is when the Tour holds its California swing between January and February.

First Half Blues

The first quarter of 2021 will have restrictions on fans in some PGA-sanctioned tournaments. It would likely be the same when The Masters comes into town in April. It is possible there will be fan attendance progress in the second quarter of the year. The PGA Championship in Kiawah Island in May will allow 50% fan participation. The presence of the COVID-19 vaccine should reduce the number of infections in the US.

Months later, golf takes a tour in the Far East with the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Golf will be part of the gold-medal events in the quadrennial meet. It is still unknown whether fans would be allowed to witness the action live on the fairways and the green. Pre-Olympic events will likely be lined up before the Games from July 23-August 8 to allow the players acclimatize with the weather in Japan and possibly take a 14-day quarantine if the pandemic is still existing during the Olympics.

USA PGA Wishing For More Fans

The US PGA Tour hopes that by September, more fans will be allowed to go outside and watch the Ryder Cup from September 24-26 in Wisconsin. However, it is difficult to assume that the COVID-19 pandemic will be out of the scene completely unless there is a declaration from the experts that everyone is free to do their normal routines without masks and other gears that protect themselves from the virus.

There is uncertainty surrounding the permission of fans in live golf tournaments due to the prevailing circumstances connected with the pandemic. However, this will not affect those who bet in golf online and television enthusiasts who watch golf in their living rooms as they can be fans as well from a distance.