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Bet the Charles Schwab Challenge at Our Online Sports Book

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet the Charles Schwab Challenge at Our Online Sports Book

This is an uncertain time for sports to say the least. One day, it seems like we’re about to have the MLB, NBA, NHL, and more all back quickly. Then, the next, it seems like there won’t be any sports for a long, long time. Obviously, we’re rooting for everything to come back as quickly as possible. After all, our sports betting site is an online sports book, we’re not betting on Netflix shows or something here. When something comes up, seemingly out of nowhere, if it’s sports, we’ll probably have a way you can bet on it at our site. That’s where the Charles Schwab Challenge comes in. 

Bet the Charles Schwab Challenge at Our Online Sports Book 

Rory McElroy. Jordan Spieth. So many others. Real golfers playing real golf. This isn’t a typo, nor is it something that may occur sometimes in the middle of 2021. Rather, it’s what’s going to happen in just a few days (as of this writing). When it does, you’ll be able to bet it at our site. No, it’s not the four majors of a typical PGA season, but, it is far, far better than nothing. 

This tournament will be played at the Colonial CC in Fort Worth, Texas. If you’re a golf aficionado and really know a lot about the sport, that should be able to help you here. The more you know about the site, how it plays, as well as how the players play at it, the better off you will be. Yes, anything can happen. There is no real way to predict how golfers will deal with how weird the pandemic season has been on them. However, at our site, you can get a bet down with what you believe. 

Bet on Golf How You Want: Matchups and Props 

You can bet on “Matchups for the Entire Tournament” at our site. The pandemic may have kept plenty of people from working their jobs, but not our handicappers. Social distancing and shutdowns isn’t going to stop them. From the moment this challenge was announced, they got right to work putting together point spreads, odds, the money line, and more. So, when you go to our site, that’s exactly what you’ll find. 

If you have strong feelings about one golfer versus another in these matchups, you’ll be able to bet it. Should you think that one is far better than the other, you can get that bet down. By that same token, if you think that our handicappers are off, and that an underdog is actually going to romp, you can bet that, as well. BetNow is just that: a site where you can get a bet down, now. 

Bet on More than Just Golf 

Of course, on top of that, we have prop bets as well. You don’t need to have followed pro golf religiously for the last decade (or more) just to be able to bet on this challenge as you would like. So, if you think that the field is evenly matched, you could bet on whether or not they’ll be a playoff to determine the winner. 

By that same token, you could get your thoughts down about the winning margin, the nationality of the winner, and so forth. You can even bet on whether or not they’ll be a hole in one. Many of these bets are the perfect fit for someone who wants to bet on golf so that they can win as well as so they can get some more enjoyment out of seeing it. If you’re planning on watching and want to get more “bang for your buck” excitement wise, so to speak, these props are the perfect way to do so. 

BetNow: Online Sports Book

At our site, you can bet on plenty more than just golf. For example, you can always bet on the sim sports – football, basketball, and so much more. You can bet on the computer playing itself, or, in some circumstances, people playing against each other, too. Live basketball and baseball is being played right now at some places around the world, and you can bet on that at our site. The online casino is always open, and of course, when the sports we love come back, BetNow will be right there.