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Golf Betting

When you bet on golf, you will be given two basic options when placing your bet. The first one considers the golfer who will win a particular tournament. In other words, you will be betting on the overall winner of the tourney. The other option would be betting a golfer going against another golfer in the same tournament.

So, in option number one you will choose a golfer that you believe will be the winner of the tournament for the week.  Depending on who the golfer is the odds when betting on golf might be found at 2-1 up to 100-1.  Golf superstars might be at 2-1 while players who are unknown to the public might be found at 100-1.  If for instance, you put $100 on a name like Tiger Woods and he wins at 2-1, you bet would pay you $200 plus the original $100 that you invested in the wager.

Picking the winner of a specific tournament can be hard most of the time, and that is why you encounter golf odds and tips that look attractive. The other option is when you bet on matchup between two players on the golf betting odds board. The sportsbook will set up this matchup and it will usually be between big names in the world of golf betting. For example, you may have Phil Mickelson vs Tiger Woods where Woods might be -280 and Mickleson +240.   This is called a straight golf betting money line.

Every week you will usually find interesting game odds when you want to bet on golf at the sportsbook. When looking at the odds, all you have to worry about is the golfer you bet on winning over the other golfer he was matched with. Consider all the tips and handicapping tools you can get your hands on as they will all help you be more precise when you bet on golf.

Golf is a game that has easily changed outcomes turning into the unexpected. Besides Tiger Woods, who suffered big fallout in success and performance, it is actually very hard to pick the player that will win the tournament and the golf betting odds at the sportsbook. That is why we recommend the head-to head matchups we create to give you a better and safer betting option. However, if you do a good and precise handicapping of the golf betting tournament you are interested in, there is no reason why you should feel unsafe about your bet.