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2020 Golf Odds Game III Champions for Change: Manning, Curry vs Mickelson, Barkley Predictions, Picks and Previews

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
2020 Golf Odds Game III Champions for Change Manning Curry vs Mickelson Barkley Predictions Picks and Previews

The Stone Canyon Golf Club in Oro Valley, Arizona is all set for an important match as four of the top players make it to game III. The competition has not been easy as several players fought hard in this tournament. Despite all the struggles, four names have been noted for their ultimate performance and now it’s time for them to clash. Peyton Manning and Stephen Curry will need to face-off against Phil Mickelson and Charles Barkley. This is one of the most awaited golf games as the 2020 Golf Champions for Change predictions are already up and running as these players battle it out on the field.

Mickelson and Barkley Betting Odds

Mickelson and Barkley have come a long way to this position. Mickelson has been successful in the first two events of the Champions Tour. Barkley will need to keep pace with Mickelson, especially with their challenging opponents. The betting odds for Mickelson and Barkley are at +138. There might be a chance for them to slip down given the circumstances of the course. However, it is certainly going to be an impressive challenge.

Manning and Curry Betting Odds

Manning and Curry have been noted for their performance in the past. Manning did well after teaming up with Tigers Woods to defeat Mickelson and Tom Brady in Match II. Stephen Curry known as the three time NBA Champion will need to ensure his support. Curry has a great span of experience, especially after competing in the pro-am at the Safeway Open. Curry has participated several times and he knows his way around. The current betting odds for Manning and Curry are at -175.

Champions for Change Favorite Picks

It’s not unusual that Manning and Curry are favored over Mickelson and Barkley. Manning has been impressive of late with his experience after teaming up with Tiger Woods. Manning defeated Mickelson after all with his partner Tom Brady. Playing alongside Stephen Curry has surely brought him the attention and needless to say he also has the support from NBA fans. Yet, Mickelson and Barkley are no easy players to defeat.

Champions for a change has certainly helped raise a significant amount of money for the Covid-19 relief. The Matt II that took place in May raised around $20 million. Stephen Curry has also been impressive previously in the Korn Ferry Tour events. Curry will be the proper partner for Manning in this Match III. Mickelson will still need to rely on Barkley and there is no doubt that he will do his best. However, the golf betting odds are in favor of Manning and Curry to win this game.