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2019’s New Rules of Golf for Sportsbook Players

Posted by: Mike Davis
2019's New rules of Golf

The 2019 online golf betting season is on the horizon. Naturally, the best golf legal betting players will be looking for ways to improve their action his upcoming season. One of the best but least considered ways to improve your bets is by learning the rules. Knowing the rules can unquestionably help you make better predictions and ultimately rake in more winnings. And even though in the past this was quite a cumbersome task, nowadays the venture is much easier. This is because, starting New Year’s Day 2019, a new modern, shorter version of the rules will go into effect. Learning these rules can be as simple as reading the rest of this article. So here are the 2019’s new rules of Golf.

2019’s New Rules of Golf

  1. More Leniency Towards Accidental Ball Displacement

During the final round of the 2016 US Open, we saw just how dire the old rules were when it came to tiny infractions. Some controversy arose because Dustin Johnson was punished for what was ubiquitously considered a minor error. Now they’re introducing new language, first adopted through Local Rules, that states there is no penalty for accidentally moving the ball – or the marker itself. Simply put the ball back to its original position and you’re all set.

  1. The More Fixes the Better

Oftentimes online golf betting players would complain about how paradoxical it was to let golfers fix a ball mark on the green but not a spike mark. Since there was no good explanation, officials have now allowed you to fix everything without suffering a penalty. On top of that you are now allowed to touch the line of your putt so long as you’re not improving it.

  1. Speeding Up the Game

Golf has always been considered a slow game. But now to help speed things up, golfers will have just three minutes to find a missing ball instead of 5. It’ll be interesting to see how much of an impact this has on the speed of the game.

  1. Knee Usurps the Shoulder

The new rules introduce a new procedure for dropping a ball back into play. Now players will let the ball drop from their knee instead of from their shoulder height. This is a bit of a compromise seeing as how the original proposal suggested letting players drop the ball mere inches from the ground. The compromise allows the drop to keep some of the randomness associated with it. The change was ultimately brought in to speed up the game as well. The idea is that the new drop has a higher probability of letting the ball stay within the two-club length area off of the first try.

  1. Water Works

The water hazard is now being called a penalty area, since hitting the ball into water will now be met with consequences. However, golfers don’t have to worry about incurring additional penalties for minor rules breach off of the next shot. The rules now give golfers more freedom to move and ground your club without punishment.

  1. Damaged or Bent is OK

Previously the rules were strict when a player used a club that had been damaged. Normally the damage was self-inflicted by an angry golfer. Nevertheless, there were plenty of disqualifications. Now the new rules allow you to play a club that has been damaged. But if you caused the damage, you are not allowed to replace the club with a new one.

  1. Double = 1

A double hit is almost always done on accident. Notwithstanding that fact, golfers were still penalized for a double hit. Now the penalty will be dropped, meaning that double hits only count as a single swing.

  1. Common Sense Flagstick Policy

This one is simple. There will be no more penalties for hitting a flagstick left in the whole while putting on a green.

  1. Local Rule Option

Courses have some wiggle room for implanting Local Rule (not for competition) that offers some different penalties for lost balls or shots hit out of bounds. A player now may drop the ball anywhere in between where the original ball is thought to have come to rest and just into the edge of the fairway. Obviously the ball can come no closer to the hole. The golfer will also take a two-stroke penalty and will resume play instead of returning to the tee. Mobile betting players will undoubtedly see this as another attempt to speed up the game.