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2019 PGA Tour Schedule and its Online Golf Betting Implications

Posted by: Sebastian Morera
2019 PGA Tour Schedule

Tuesday morning saw the PGA Tour release it’s highly anticipated schedule for the 2019 tour. The hype has been building since the PGA announced in August of last year that the Wanamaker would be rescheduled to May. This caused a stir in the online golf betting community as players began to speculate on what the puzzle may bring. Below are several sports betting online points to ponder as we prepare for the 2019 PGA Tour Schedule.

Looking Ahead to the 2019 PGA Tour Schedule

The Scales Are Even

One of the key points of the changes that the PGA was implementing was to strengthen the overall health of the 2019 schedule. If that’s the case, we can confidently say they have succeeded. However, it should be noted that there is still room for improvement. Most notably amongst the St. Jude Invitation and where it’s placed in the schedule.

The St. Jude Invitation will be replacing the Bridgestone Invitational in the schedule. Subsequently, it will be held right after the Open Championship. And while there weren’t too many other places to plop this tournament, it seems a bit odd to have a major and a WGC so close together.

Florida Man Making a Return

Over the last couple of years, online golf betting players have seen a decline in the lead up to the Master’s, particularly in the Sunshine State. This was most notable in 2007 when the Players was moved to Mother’s Day. Then, the WGC-Mexico Championship’s replacement for Doral also influenced this decline. This new schedule moves the players back to March, giving bettors a month long of Florida based action. Nevertheless, there have been some losers in the new schedule.

Valspar’s Unfortunate Loss

While most parties involved in the schedule came out smiling, some didn’t. That would be the Valspar Championship, which now has a less than favorable spot. This Innisbrook event has been growing in notoriety over the last couple years and this trend is expected to continue. This was further highlighted by Tiger Woods near victory earlier this year. But now, squeezed between the Players and the WGC- Match Play, it doesn’t seem that Valspar will be drawing any big-name talents this year. All in all it’s looking like they came out on the losing end.

Anything Happening Between Pebble and Portrush?

We’ve seen a trend emerge over the last couple of years. Specifically, the biggest stars in the sport tend to take a break in between the US and British Opens. This more or less gives them a nice summer break. So can we expect a similar outing in 2019?

Well the current No. 1 and No. 3 in the world, Dustin Johnson and Dustin Rose respectively, will not be making any appearances during that stretch. At the same time, Jordan Spieth, Brooks Koepka and Rickie Fowler will each be making a single lone appearance. This proves the aforementioned point and makes it seem like bettors can expect something similar in 2019. So golf bettors can take an online betting break during this tenure.