2018 Golf Betting Update for Sportsbook Players

Posted by: Anthony Yaylor
2018 Golf Betting Update

A lot of things went down this past online golf betting weekend. From a flurry of professional tours, some eye-catching news, social media buzzes and of course the upcoming sportsbook schedule. Without a doubt, there’s a ton of info to mulch through. So, to help out legal betting fans, we’ve assembled the biggest headlines to act as a 2018 golf betting update. Without a doubt, this will bring you up to date for everything you need to know moving forward. So without any further ado, let’s dive right in.

2018 Golf Betting Update

A New Champ in Town

While major online golf betting tournaments have no problem drawing an audience, the same doesn’t apply to an alternate event. Especially when said event happens to take place on an NFL betting Sunday. However, Cameron Champ isn’t just any old player and his breathtaking performance this past Sunday certainly drew some fishes. Most bettors know champ by his drives which are eye-catching to say the least. Champ came up big this past weekend, delivering 5 birdies in his last 6 holes to win the Sanderson Farms Championship by 4.

“It just means everything,” Champ told the media afterwards. “All the hard work over the years, all the sacrifice my family has made for me to be able to have this opportunity.”

Champ just turned pro a season ago so there’s no question that some more unbelievable highlights are in the future. With invitations to the Players Championship and PGA Championship, we will soon find out what the Champ is made off.

The Kordas Cement Their Place in History

Jessica Korda is a legend in her own right, having 5 LPGA victories to her name. But this past Sunday, Nelly – Jessica’s younger sister, raked in her first LPGA victory at the LPGA Taiwan championship. Judging by her sister’s reaction, there’s no question the Korda house is still in jubilee.

“Truthfully, I cannot put it into words,” Nelly told the media after her triumphant victory. “It still hasn’t hit. It’s definitely one of the best days of my entire life. I can finally check that off of my list, winning an LPGA event, something that I dreamed of ever since I started playing.”

Now that Nelly has added an LPGA victory to her resume, the Kordas have become the 3rd siblings to each claim LPGA titles. Clearly, they’ve joined some very elite company and in doing so have cemented their place in online golf betting history. On top of that, Nelly became the 2nd youngest athlete to win an LPGA Tour this season.

A Legend Passes On

This past Sunday, Pinehurst informed us that Willie McRae, a mythic caddie who had labored at the North Carolina resort for 75 years had passed on. McRae started looping back in 1943, assisting tens of thousands of golfers. Included in that vast number were 4 US presidents, a plethora of professionals and innumerable celebrities.

“It makes you feel like you’re somebody,” McRae told Golf Digest during an interview last November, talking about how his job made him feel. “That’s one of the greatest things, you know. You meet so many nice people. You would never meet the people if you were on a job. This is one of the best jobs you can really have. I started and I enjoyed it.”

“Thank God for it.”