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You Win When You Bet on Thursday Night Football at BetNow

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on Thursday Night Football

Obviously, the title for this blog is a bit of an exaggeration. If you bet on the Jags or the Fins, only one team is going to win. There is entirely a possibility that, should you bet on this game, you could possibly lose. Anything can happen. (Indeed, if there’s one thing we’ve all learned from 2020, it should probably be that.) However, there are ways that you can win just for signing up to bet on Thursday Night Football here at BetNow. 

100% Sign Up Bonus When You Bet on Thursday Night Football With Us 

The above statement, however, is not an exaggeration. That’s the truth. If you sign up with us to bet on the Fins and Jags Thursday night, you’ll get a 100% sign up bonus. This means that you’ll get money just for signing up. It really is that simple. 

Moreover, you’ll note that you get a 100% sign up bonus. It’s not a fifty percent sign up bonus, nor is it a 25% sign up bonus with a lot of asterisks next to it or something. No, it’s a 100% sign up bonus. That means that whatever money you sign up with, we’ll match it. We’ll give you 100% of the money that you sign up for with this game. 

This isn’t because we’re such big fans of the Fins and Jags or something (although this has the potential to be a very interesting AFC game). But, we’re doing that because we’re so glad that people are using our site. We know that when it comes to online betting, about football or anything else, you have no lack of options out there on the internet. So, for choosing us, you’ve done something that we feel should be rewarded. 

Fins vs. Jags 

What can you say about these two teams after two games other than: “huh?” Going into the season, the narratives were pretty set: the Fins are a Young Team on the Rise. They might even be a Team Who Can Make a Run. It’s entirely possible that they might even be the Team Who Can Take Over Their Division. 

The Jags, of course, were seen as the opposite. Not since Jack Del Rio had players injure themselves hacking at a log with an ax had the Jags been seen as such a rough squad. The idea was that they were to Tank for Trevor (luckily, the consensus number one overall pick QB in the upcoming draft, like last year, has a first name that starts with “T” for purposes of alliteration when it comes to “tanking.”) The Jags were to go through an entire rebuild, with little to offer.

However, after two games, it feels somewhat like the scripts have flipped a bit. If they haven’t flipped, then they sure have changed. While the Fins may still turn it around this year, the AFC East looks very good. Sure, the Jets have fallen off a cliff, but the Bills look tough and the Pats don’t look like they’re going to go into the post-Brady area quietly. 

That said, the Fins themselves haven’t looked great on the field. Sure, Tua Tagovailoa has all the talent in the world, and the team around him is going to grow, but the defense has looked bleak at best through two games. 

Meanwhile, in Jag-land, Minshew is out there gunslinging. His days may be numbered, he is perhaps the epitome of The Guy Who Wasn’t Supposed to Be Here, but he’s playing decent football. It’s hard to bet against a guy like that who has a heart like that. Unless, of course, you think he’s going to lose. 

Betting How You Want 

Thursday Night Football is a great way to start your betting weekend off right. You can win here and ride it into the rest of the weekend. Or, if it doesn’t quite go your way, that’s OK, too — you’ve got the rest of the weekend to make up for it. Here at BetNow, we’ve got what you need: all of the sports betting you want, all of the time. Here’s to a great Thursday Night!