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With the 1st Game Over, the Time of Football Betting Online is Here

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Football Betting online

How’d you do in the first game? Did you have the Chiefs to cover at home? Did you take the over or the under? If you bet the game at BetNow, you would have had many different ways to win. In fact, you could have done so and actually ended up betting on both teams. The truth is that here, at BetNow, we’re always trying to find new ways to offer more football betting online to our fans. That means any number of different methods. You’ll always be able to bet football right here. 

Football Betting Online from the First Game 

Like many NFL games, it was close, until it wasn’t. The Chiefs really do have a high powered offense. It is something special wherever they might play. That said, the Texans really probably did miss Hopkins. But, if you bet with BetNow, you could have won in many different ways during the first game. Let’s take a look back.

If you bet on the Texans at the end of the first quarter to be ahead by a touchdown, you would’ve won. The Texans didn’t, of course, but you could have. They were up 7-0 after one. You might have thought that, after having had an entire training camp, they could come out of the gate fast (while a team like the Chiefs might come out a bit slower). Obviously, some things occurred here (that dropped an almost catch in the end zone) but the Texans had the lead and you could have won… 

… that said, if you bet on the Chiefs to be ahead at the end of the first half (and from there on out) you could’ve made some real money then, too. The Chiefs roared back in the second quarter, scoring 17 unanswered points. This very well was probably a case of the more talented team simply rising to the occasion. However, at our site, you could’ve won all throughout the game, culminating with the final score. 

Betting on the Games of Week One 

Week One has any number of games for you to choose from, many of them big rivalries as well as interesting matchups. For example, you can see for the first time what the Brady-less Pats are going to look like. They open as almost touchdown favorites at home. The Dolphins are one of those teams that may not be a cohesive team yet, but soon could be on their way. 

By that same token, a big AFC North matchup also goes down at 1 PM Eastern on Sunday. Cleveland travels to “old” Cleveland, Baltimore. The Ravens, after that big upset in the playoffs last year, have a lot to prove. Of course, so do the Browns, as all of that talent has to start doing something. The Ravens are a touchdown favorite at home. Can the Browns D slow down Lamar long enough for Baker to make the Browns take off? 

Other divisional play highlights the day. The Eagles take on the Washington Football Team, while the Bears go to Detroit and the Colts head to Jacksonville. Two other interesting divisional matchups: the Cards in SF and Tom Brady’s debut with the Bucs in New Orleans. Sunday’s action culminates in the Cowboys trip to Los Angeles. Each of these games has a line already, so you can start betting now. 

Monday Night 

Week One, there are multiple games on Monday night. This year, the Steelers head to MetLife to play the Giants while the Titans go to Denver. Denver, unfortunately, has had a lot of injuries lately. The Steelers return with Roethlisberger while the Giants bring in their new coaching staff. This is just the beginning. There will be football all year long. You’ll have a chance to bet on all of these games and so many more. Remember, you can win throughout the game, all setting it up for the big score at the end. Have a great NFL season!