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Who Will Win the Super Bowl 2020?

That might seem like an odd question to ask in November. After all, it’s not quite Thanksgiving yet. No team has had to make a “playoff push” yet, as it were. Most people are still taking down their Halloween decorations, so it can seem odd to ask who’s going to raise the Lombardi Trophy in February 2020. However, it’s not too soon to start thinking about who will win the Super Bowl 2020. Indeed, as teams start to prepare for the playoffs, plenty of our bettors are starting to put together their research on who to bet on and who to avoid entirely. 

Super Bowl 2020 : The Favorites

No list of the Super Bowl favorites would be complete without the Patriots. Indeed, if you go to our site as of this writing, you’ll find that they have the best odds of anyone to be the champions again in Miami. While the offense may be showing its seams, the defense looks as good as it ever has. Gilmore really is one of the league’s best corners, and that makes this Pats team dangerous in a way that some of the other ones, even the championship ones, weren’t necessarily. Anything can happen, but it’s hard to believe that the Pats won’t somehow be involved in the Super Bowl discussion. 

On the other side of the league (and country), the Niners look great (as of this writing) too. Finally, with a complete team yet again, the Niners are once again contenders. With talent at all levels, they have the best chance of anyone to win home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. Sure, there are plenty of other good teams in the conference (and indeed, in their own division, as Seattle only recently knocked them from the ranks of the unbeaten) but the Niners have as good a chance as anyone to win the Super Bowl, and join the (increasingly crowded) ranks of teams with six Super Bowl rings. 

The Second Tier

For some of these teams, they’re right there close to the first tier. The Baltimore Ravens, for example, look every bit a contender. Their win over New England was genuinely impressive, and from some early season missteps, they look like a complete team. The only real question about the Ravens is if they can do this all season: there’s still plenty of inexperience all over the roster. If they can keep it together, they will absolutely be in the conversation in the AFC, and possibly getting that second bye, too. 

Speaking of “second byes,” our odds like the New Orleans Saints quite a bit, too. In fact, depending on when you read this (and what’s changed in the NFL) we have the Saints as the second most likely team to win the Super Bowl. There are a lot of reasons for that, not the least of which is just how complete a team they are. You know what you’re getting in Drew Brees and company: a total team that can win any game in the NFL. The Saints have as good a chance as any to get their second ring. 

The “Plus One Thousand” Club and More

After that, reading our odds, you start getting out to teams that are in the “plus one thousand” club of odds to win the Super Bowl. That includes teams with question marks, like the Green Bay Packers. Sure, Rodgers is one of the greatest to ever play the game, but it’s natural to have some questions about the team around him. We also have the Chiefs in this club, too. When Mahomes and company are rolling, they’re as unstoppable as anyone. However, losing games in Nashville isn’t exactly the way to go about rising up through our rankings. 

After that, you get to some teams that could absolutely put everything together and take the crown, but some things have to change. That includes Seattle: a complete team when it’s all working. When it isn’t, they’ll struggle with the likes of the Bengals. The Eagles are here, a team that has shown in the past they have the mettle to take the entire championship. Like so many of you, we may not be entirely sure what to make of the Vikings yet, either. Are they for real? Or is this another Minnesota team that’s good, but maybe not good enough? 

Who Will the Super Bowl 2020? Our Bettors

No matter how the season shakes out, or who does win the championship, the real winners are those who bet at our site game in and game out. We give our players everything they need to win in any game, in any situation, and really, at any point in the game, too. Whether it’s regular season or postseason, you can bet on the NFL at BetNow.