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Where to Bet on NFL Madden20 , NBA2k2 and KBO Baseball

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Bet on NFL Madden20

Even as some states begin to lift their shelter in place restrictions, sports aren’t really on the horizon any time soon. Of course, we’re BetNow. Here at BetNow, sports never stop. We’ll go all over the world to find them. We’ll go across the seas if we have to. We’ll even go online. But, here at BetNow, no matter what, we have the sports that you can bet on, the way that you want to bet on them. That’s why we’re a great place when you’re looking for where to bet on NFL Madden20 as well as so much else.

Where to Bet on NFL Madden20 Simulations Day in and Day Out

When the NFL season comes (and hopefully it does this year) the games will be on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, and eventually, Saturdays. However, in the world of simulation games, we’re not tied to that same schedule. These games can be played whenever (it’s not like the players have to get in the appropriate amount of stretching or recovering before the games). So, when you come to BetNow, you can find simulations to bet on when you want.

For example, we’re currently offering NFL games. You can bet on NFL simulator on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. That’s when you know it’s a simulation. However, you can still bet on everything that you’d like: the over/under, the money line, the point spread, the odds, and everything else.

You can see the 49ers head to the desert for an NFC West showdown with the Cardinals. The 49ers, of course, the defending NFC champions are favored by nine points on the road. But, the Cardinals are not exactly bereft of talent. That quarterback, Kyler Murray, is going to be a star sooner rather than later. He has the talent to take over a game. But, can he get away from the 49er defense long enough to do it? Moreover, can the great 49er running game just take the ball out of his hands for four quarters?

On Wednesday, you’ll be able to bet on the Bills going to play the Jets Jets Jets. The Titans go to Denver, the Jags to Cleveland, the Ravens head out to Los Angeles to play the Chargers. All of these games would be a big deal in any AFC playoff race, and they’re a big deal here right now: in early May.

Live Sports Betting

This is the time of year for baseball. It’s spring in the United States. In a normal year, the baseball season would be about a month old. That would mean that we’d be talking ourselves into saying “well, this team isn’t just hot, they’re going to be able to be a threat all year.” By that same token, it would also be easy to say “sure, the team didn’t get off to a hot start, but they’re going to get it together soon. After all: reversion to the mean.” But, alas, that’s not the case with MLB right now.

Live baseball with live baseball players is, however, being played. As ever, you can bet on it at BetNow. Currently, you can bet on the South Korea KBO games at our site. These are all of the games that you can see on ESPN. South Korea has done a much better job with COVID-19 than practically any other country, so they get to have live baseball right now. You might not know who all of the players are, and you may not know what all of those ads on their jerseys represent. But, you’ll be able to bet on these games and more at our site.

Bet on NFL Madden20: As Sports Come Back, We’ll Be Here With You

No one wants sports to come back more than us, when it’s right, when it’s safe. And, it will come back. But, until then, you’ll be able to bet on all of this right here at our site. In addition to what we’ve mentioned above, we also have our live online casino as well as so many horse races and even eSports to bet on as well. Stay safe out there and bet on whatever you want here at BetNow.