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Where to Bet on Madden20 Online and the NFL Today

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Where to Bet on Madden20 Online

Even if there weren’t a pandemic, the NFL season would look far away. In a better world, the NBA and NHL playoffs would be going on right now. The MLB season would start to be taking shape, as some of the better teams would be separating themselves from the lesser ones. However, we’re in this world, where none of that is taking place. However, at BetNow, we’re doing something about it: we’re where to bet on Madden20 online and we’ve even got some actual NFL bets for you to get ready for. 

Actual NFL Betting 

Hopefully, the first NFL preseason game occurs on Thursday, August 6th at 8:05 PM. In Canton, Ohio, in the shadow of the NFL Hall of Fame, the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers will hopefully play. To use the word “hopefully” again, hopefully this will occur around a hall of fame ceremony celebrating the NFL’s rich history, with fans from both (and really, all) teams in attendance. Whether or not that takes place, it’s more than likely (at this point, fingers crossed, knock on wood, etc.) that the game will take place. 

This is always an interesting preseason game (by preseason game standards) because it’s the first game after the Super Bowl. Really, it’s the first game that anyone has seen in months and months. If there’s no other sports going by then (a real possibility that hopefully doesn’t come to pass) then there will be more scrutiny on this game than ever. As of this writing (more than two months away) the Cowboys are favored by two and a half points. 

There’s multiple ways to think when you’re going to bet this game. The Steelers, for one team, seem unlikely to play their starters at least for very long. Consider: the last time the Steelers played in the Hall of Fame Game (2015 against the Vikings) Steelers kicker Shawn Suisham suffered a career-ending injury trying to make a tackle. He never played for the Steelers again. Any game, even a preseason one, can be brutal. 

Where to Bet on Madden20 Online

While it’s great to daydream about the NFL season (even the NFL preseason) it’s still more than two months away. Our site is called “BetNow,” it’s not called “BetThen”. So, if you want to get a bet down on football today. We’ve got you covered. There’s plenty of Madden20 to bet on as ever. You can bet on the games online in the Sim Season as well as those in the GM League, regular Madden20, and so much more.