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Where to Bet on Madden20 Even As Games Begin

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Where to Bet on Madden20

As of this writing, things are changing quickly in the world of sports. Where just a few weeks ago, it looked like no sports were going to take place for a long time, now it looks like we may have sports in the months to come. The NHL has already scheduled which matchups are going to take place for their playoffs (with a sort of play-in round) although no date is scheduled yet. Baseball continues to come towards what looks like a workable structure for a season. The NFL, of course, has not committed to canceling anything, with the idea that the season will take place (even if it has to go without fans in the stands). Our site, as ever, is the place for where to bet on Madden20 and so much else. 

Where to Bet on Madden20 in Multiple Ways 

At our site, we know that you can’t get enough Madden20 betting. That’s why, as of this writing, we’re offering it in multiple ways. For example, you can bet on Madden through the NFL “Sim Season.” This is where the game is in “Simulation” mode. The clock is accelerated (which is good, so it means that you don’t have to sit through an entire game, so to speak, to get an entire game experience) while also being on the “All Madden” setting. That way, you’re getting the very best that the game has to offer. 

“Sim Season” is, in a way, meant to simulate the entire season. In a very real way, it’s a “season outside of time.” That’s because it uses the most up to date starting rosters. These are the rosters that exclude any pre-existing injuries that may have just taken place. But, it does have 2020 draft picks as well as trades.

What makes this interesting, though, is that it has the 2019 schedule. So, now last year’s season will be played again, but in an entirely different, utterly new way. Tom Brady, for example, will be in Tampa. The Ravens will get to take advantage of Lamar having another year of the offense. The Titans aren’t going to catch anyone by surprise now. Roethlisberger won’t have been hurt in the second game of the season for the Steelers. It’s sort of a “rewind” that “goes into the future.” 

NFL GM League 

There are other forms of Madden betting at our site in addition to that. For example, we also have the NFL GM League. This league also goes by 10 minute quarters, in the Simulation Mode with the Accelerated Clock. It also goes in All Madden play. However, where it differs is in terms of the rosters themselves. 

These rosters may have started in a certain place, but they’ve ended up somewhere else. These are “fantasy rosters,” so to speak, put together by people, and not the actual NFL teams. This is an entire league, with its own rosters, stats, standings, and streams. You can find links to all of this at our BetNow site. That way, you can watch these games as you get these bets down. Of course, like all of our other bets, you can bet the point spread, the over under, bet the odds, and more. 

Where to Bet on Madden20: Exhibitions, Prime Time Championships, and More 

At our site, you can also find betting on those Madden20 streams that involve exhibitions, prime time championships, and so much more. We know that real sports may feel like it’s far away (although, it may also be closer than it seems) but, until then, as ever, there’s plenty to bet on at our site. 

We know that for many, betting on eSports isn’t exactly what you had in mind. That’s perfectly understandable. That’s why we have so much betting on UFC as well as casino games, too. We’re all waiting for the sports we love to come back, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego betting actions (to say nothing of winning) until they return. 

At our site, you can bet on all of these great games and more. As more becomes available, as more is played, as the world wakes up again, you’ll be able to bet on all of it at our site.