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Where to Bet on Madden 20 and the NFL

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Where to Bet on Madden 20

Today, sports is basically a wasteland. Sure, there’s baseball going on in Korea, but all of the professional sports that we would have had around now: hockey playoffs, NBA, MLB, and so forth are not taking place due to the pandemic. The NFL, of course, would be in the offseason right now anyway. But, if you’ve been following the NFL for any length of time, then you know that there is no offseason anymore. Instead, the NFL just never stops. The draft was less than a month ago, and today BetNow has NFL odds for week one of the regular season. Of course, we’re all the best place for where to bet on Madden 20, too. 

Where to Bet on Madden 20 How You Want 

Betting on watching two people play Madden can be difficult to handicap even for the best, most knowledgeable NFL fan. The reason for that is simple: it’s not the “players” playing the game, it’s two people playing the game. So, you might know all there is to know about the Carolina Panthers’ defense, how they play on the road, the differences between when they’re playing indoors or outdoors, and every potential matchup. However, you aren’t going to know so much about how “Dave Rando’s” Carolina Panthers play against Some Other Random Guy’s Madden team. 

That kind of simulation doesn’t reward you for the knowledge you have of the game and the research you’ve done. In fact, it can inhibit you: you could make the best, most educated bet, only to be penalized because one person is way better at Madden than the other. That’s why, when we set out to find a kind of Madden that our players could bet on, we wanted to make one that was as close to the actual NFL game as possible. 

Madden Simulations the Right Way 

So, when you come to bet on Madden at our site, you get simulations on All Madden. That means the players are playing at their very best, good against good. None of that “random dudes just fall down” or “dumb things happen for no reason” kind of nonsense here. By that same token, we understand that not everyone has all day to sit and watch a Madden game, either. So, these games are played in ten minute quarters. That way, it’s a full game, but not a full day for you. 

These rosters have been updated, too. So, that means you can use your research that you would use in the regular NFL season. Sure, different things will happen: there will be upsets, star players will make great plays, but, just like in real life, star players will make the occasional dumb play or mistake, too. But, this game, at this level, is the closest thing we have to real NFL games. That’s true in terms of gameplay as well as outcomes. 

Where to Bet on Madden 20: Betting on the Games How You Want 

Indeed, it’s because of that realism that we’re able to offer the same betting that you would have in other NFL games. So, you can bet on the point spread. You can bet on the over/under. You can bet on the odds. When you approach this game, you can do it just as you would a regular NFL game. 

Except, of course, for the fact that you can bet on it and watch it on say a Tuesday or Wednesday. To be exact, that’s a Tuesday or Wednesday a few days before Memorial Day. 

Real NFL is Coming 

Hopefully, the pandemic and everything it has wrought is gone by late summer, but that’s no guarantee. Regardless, it does look like there will be some version of the NFL coming up in the fall. At BetNow, you better believe we’re ready. That’s why, if you go to our site right now, you’ll see that you’ll be able to bet on week one of the NFL. 

We’ve got odds, lines, and more. Now, obviously, some things will change between now and then. Hopefully, no one will get hurt but, in all likelihood, someone will. Just as in life, everything is subject to change. One thing that never changes: great online betting action at BetNow.