Where to Bet on eSports Madden2020

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Where to Bet on eSports Madden2020

The greatest games. Epic dynasties. The best players to ever play the game. Well, none of those are going on right now. For the NFL, at least, it makes sense, as they would be in the middle of the offseason anyway. Sure, the draft is coming up soon, but for the most part, the NFL isn’t holding any games. Unfortunately, none of the other pro sports leagues are either. Fortunately, there is one way to still get all of the betting action that you need: eSports betting. If you’re wondering “where to bet on eSports Madden2020,” you’ve come to the right place. 

Why BetNow is Where to Bet on eSports Madden2020

The simple answer is: because you can bet on all of the other great sports at our site. Just as we do with the NFL and every other game, we make it possible to get a bet down how you want. That means betting on the moneyline, the point spread, and so much more. You don’t have to choose just one way to bet: instead, you can bet on the games how you want. We leave it up to you, never hamstringing you in choosing just one particular idea. At our site, you bet how you want. 

A major factor in these kinds of games is honesty. It’s a video game. It’s a simulation. So, if you’re going to bet on something like that, you have to be sure that it’s on the up and up. We use only reputable locations and games, places that have real integrity. Our site, of course, is designed to be as trustworthy as possible. We know that you have a lot of options for where to bet when it comes to online betting. Precious few of them have government backing like we do. 

Advancements in Sports Video Games Make for a Better Experience 

If you haven’t played sports video games in a while, they’ve really come a long way. It’s been more than twenty years, for example, since Vince Vaughn, Jon Favreau, Ron Livingston and the rest played that NHL game on the Sega Genesis in “Swingers.” These games are remarkable works of art, capable of delivering a product that’s far closer to the real games than you might think. How many times have you heard a rookie or young player in the NFL say something in training camp like: “I learn a play in practice, then I go play Madden, and the same play is in there”? These games have come farther than you might imagine. 

That makes for a better betting experience. These games have been far better calibrated than games in the past for getting things right. So, there’s no longer “one move” that just gets you a win or something like that. These simulations play out like real games. You can watch it if you like. Just like so many other sports, betting can give you a real rooting interest, making the game that much better to watch. 

More than Just the Simulated NFL 

While these blogs tend to mention Madden, we offer the opportunities to bet on so much more than just these NFL games. You can also bet on the NBA, NHL, MLB, and others when they’re available. As these games are played, simulated by big names, we’ll offer them at our site so that you can bet on them. What’s great about this, for many of our bettors, is that the games are so well designed, so true to reality, that the research you did in real life can be beneficial. 

Are there upsets in these simulated games? Of course. But, the rating systems for the players are mostly accurate. So, if you know something about a player and a team in real life, it can serve you well in this world, too. That way, our players who have put in the work, season in and season out can see some benefit. Of course, you can bet on plenty of eSports at our site that are not sports-related, either. BetNow is where to bet on eSports Madden2020. We’ve got all of those and more for you, as well as all of our online casino games so that you can get your bet on.