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Where to Bet NBA2K20 and Other, Live Basketball Games

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Where to Bet NBA2K20

It’s been rough missing the NBA. Yes, “The Last Dance” was a wonderful substitute, and it could’ve gone on for many, many episodes. Unfortunately, it only lasted for ten. They were a great ten, no doubt, but they were also ten episodes. Now that they’re over, it would be great to get the NBA back. Yes, there are some promising stories that the league may actually play the playoffs in Orlando. To us, it doesn’t matter where (it could be safely on the moon) and we’d be glad to have the NBA back. Until then, our sports betting site offers a place for where to bet on NBA2K20 and other kinds of basketball that are being played right now. 

BetNow: Where to Bet NBA2K20 

At our site, we’ve got the closest thing to NBA games going right now: NBA2K20 games. These games, the ones that we’re offering right now, are simulations. That means that a person isn’t involved in playing the games. Instead, the computer controls both teams, and then the games are played. From there, one team ends up winning the game. 

You might read that and think: “OK, well, since it’s a simulation, doesn’t that mean that the best team is going to win every game.” Not necessarily. See, these games are highly advanced. They have the best programmer, tech people on them, that kind of thing. So, yes, most of the time, the better players are going to beat the lesser plays. When LeBron James goes up to shoot and Random Guy Off of Sixers Bench is on him. Most of the time, LeBron is going to win that battle. 

But, that’s true in real life, too. These games are advanced enough that the best team doesn’t always win the game, but the best team does most of the time. Of course, that’s true in the “real world” as well. Which is why we call them “upsets.” This simulation betting is accurate for many reasons, not the least of which is that you can use your real NBA knowledge and research to your advantage here. 

How Your NBA Knowledge Can Make you Money Right Now 

When you’re betting on two people playing a video game, whether it’s Madden, NBA2K, or something else, on some level. You’re betting on the two people playing the game. One of them is, in all likelihood, better than the other person at the game. That’s not to say that the lesser player couldn’t win, but just to point out that one person is actually better than the other. That will probably be reflected in the game itself, as it would be in literally any other competition. 

So, if the better player were to choose the Bulls, and the lesser player were to pick the Lakers, then you might think there’s a handicapping involved. Maybe this game would be more even. And, of course, in real life, on any given night, the Bulls could certainly beat the Lakers. The Bulls might be underdogs, but they could win, sure.  

When you bet on two people playing one of these games, you’re betting on the two people. If you don’t know which person is better at the game than the other, you can be at something of a disadvantage. That doesn’t happen with simulated games. 

Where to Bet NBA2K20: Benefits of Simulated Games 

Here, though, in the simulated games, all the computer has to go on are the rankings of the individual players. So, if you know which players are better than others, you can make better informed bets and online  gambling decisions about which teams are going to win and by how much. The computer is using the same pool of knowledge that you are. 

So, instead of guessing as to who is better at a video game, with this, you can pick the better team, or even the better matchup. Maybe you know that one team, with a few players, might not be thought of to be as good as others in one place. But, you know they’re better than they might seem. With simulated games, you can bet that and win. There are so many other games and more to bet at our site.