When You Bet on NFL Games, There’s No Bye Week

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
When You Bet on NFL Games, There’s No Bye Week

The bye week is great for the players, but can be the bane of any NFL fan. The players need a week off at some point during the season. If you listen to them, it helps them to recharge and to re-focus. Even more so, it allows injured players on the team to heal. Depending on what you trust, there are two schools of thought for teams that play after the bye week. They could be very good, as they’re given an extra week to prepare. They could also start slow, as they’re “rusty,” having not played for a longer period of time than their opponent. Here at BetNow, there is no “bye week.” We have great ways to bet on NFL games that go beyond the ordinary. 

Bet on NFL Games and Players

When you go to most sportsbook sites, you’ll probably find some money lines, maybe odds and over/under. You probably won’t find as many as you will here at BetNow, but it’s reasonable to assume that you’ll find something similar. However, what you probably won’t be able to find are the unique bets that we offer here at BetNow which are on players, too. After all, we’re always looking for more ways for our players to win. 

Sports betting should be fun. You should have many opportunities to do so. However, we also believe that you should have many ways to do so that are easy to understand. That’s why we offer so many “NFL Exotics” bets. These are bets that you put down about certain players or outcomes that are independent of the scores of the games themselves. That way, you can win throughout the game, on your way to the final outcome. In many cases, these wins, accumulating throughout the games, give you the chance to make up for a loss on the final outcome of the game – or to truly have a day of football betting to remember. 

NFL Exotics: Betting on QBs

Eli Manning is a two-time Super Bowl champion. He’s beaten the best, Tom Brady, twice in the biggest game there is. Sure, he was greatly aided by his defense and some remarkable catches, but those were some of the greatest wins ever. Beating Tom Brady is one thing, beating time is even harder. Eli Manning hasn’t been starting for the Giants, giving way to rookie first-round draft pick Daniel Jones. 

Do you believe Eli’s going to throw another pass this season for the Giants? If you have strong beliefs one way or the other, then you can get a bet down on it at our site. If you think that Eli’s going to recover, or that Daniel’s recent play is going to fall off, or even that Daniel is going to be hurt when Eli is ready to go, then you can bet that at our site. That said, if you believe Daniel has taken the reins of the Giants and isn’t letting them go for a while, and Eli won’t even get the opportunity to come back into the game and throw again, then you should have the opportunity to bet that as well. 

Now, this clearly isn’t the kind of bet that we’re going to be able to determine the winner of by the end of Week Seven. However, we’ll payout once the Giants’ season ends, or Eli throws that pass, one way or another. There are more bets than that, however, in our Exotics section. 

Running Quarterbacks and Running Backs

The running quarterback is back in vogue. Lamar Jackson is a true weapon for the Baltimore Ravens. Josh Allen has managed to become a threat for the Buffalo Bills, Kyler Murray’s maturation has accelerated in a hurry, and Russell Wilson has seemingly found the Fountain of Youth. That’s why we offer our players a chance to bet on NFL games on which quarterback is going to have the most rushing yards in Week 7 as well as who will have the longest single rush. 

Those aren’t the only options we give our players, however. You can also bet on such quarterbacks at Deshaun Watson, Mitchell Trubisky, Dak, Daniel Jones and Carson Wentz, too. Now, maybe you have a strong feeling about a quarterback that isn’t on this list. Perhaps you think they’re set for a true breakout game running. If so, then you bet that as well, as we provide a “Field – Any Other QB” option.

You can also bet on the running back with the most rushing yards and longest run in the coming week as well. Just as with the QB section, you can bet on many different running backs or take the “field” option. To find the right betting option for your game, just head to our site.