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What to Look for in National Football League Betting

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
National football league betting

National Football League betting is one of those things that everyone feels like they know, but might not really know as much about as they think. Every week, there are plenty of NFL games, and with the right knowledge (as well as a bit of luck) you can win big if you pick the winner. However, there are more ways to NFL betting than just picking the winners, etc. Below, we’ll go over some of the different ways you can bet on the NFL, as well as how we can help you to do so.

National Football League Betting: the Point Spread

If you go to our site, you’ll see that we have the odds and point spread for each of the different games. The way to read this is simple: if you see a minus (-) sign, those are the points that the team is “giving” to the other team. That team is “favored” by that amount of points. So, a team that was -6.5 would have to win by 7 points (or more) to have covered the point spread. This kind of handicapping makes the betting more difficult, but it also makes it fairer.

There are plenty of teams in the NFL that are just that much better than others. If one were to just pick the winners outright, it might be too easy (there are still upsets, obviously, but it’s not the same). However, with the point spread as it is, it becomes more difficult. Now, you have to take everything into account. You have to ask yourself questions like “sure, this team is better than that other team… but are they five points better than them?” A good rule of thumb that’s been around for decades: a team gets three points for being at home. Obviously, that’s not a hard and fast rule, just one that handicappers have held onto forever. So, you can use that to help you make a decision accordingly.

NFL Betting


We get questions about this one often. The “over/under” is simple: if the combined score of the game is higher than that number, it’s the “over.” If it’s lower than that, it’s the “under.” So, when betting this, you have to take plenty into account: the offenses, the defenses, the weather conditions, the health of certain players, etc. This is a great thing to bet if you don’t have a rooting interest in either team. Or, alternately, it’s also something you can bet if you do have a rooting interest but aren’t sure that your team is going to come out on top. In that case, you can bet this and still come out a winner even if your team does not. (Also, this saves you from having to bet against your own team.)

Quarters, Halves, and More

NFL games are four quarters long. The people who bet on our site really know their stuff: they know which teams come out of the tunnel ready to go. They also know which teams take a moment to get into the flow of the game, and which teams are excellent at making halftime adjustments. We offer opportunities for those players, with that knowledge, to make money as well. That’s why have quarters and half betting, too. You can bet on the total points scored by each team at the half, quarter and more. You can bet on which team would be ahead in which scenario. This can give you something to watch through the first three-quarters of the game if you aren’t the biggest fan of either team. Our most successful players take advantage of these opportunities to make money throughout the game, even before the game ends.

Sign Up Bonus

If you come to our site, you’ll notice that there’s a 100% sign up bonus. That means that if you sign up, we’ll match the amount of money that you put in. So, if you put up $100 at the start, we’ll put up another $100. It’s one more way that we can make a commitment to our players. We’ve been here for a long time, and we’re going to be around for a lot longer.

Sure, this blog covered some stuff to look for in the NFL, but it’s not like we shut down betting on our other games. You can still bet on all of the MLB games, too. No matter how you want to bet on the National Football League, (or college football) we have a way of making it possible. You can go through all of the games on our site. What’s great about the National Football League Betting is that there’s always ways to make money. If you lost on Sunday, you can get it back Monday night. Thanks for reading and good luck in Week three!