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USA Sports Book for All Sports

Here at BetNow, we’re proud to provide what’s been called a “USA sports book.” However, it’s important to keep in mind that we offer sports from all over the world. Indeed, you’ll find plenty of soccer (futbol), overseas basketball, and so much more at our site. While we’re a sportsbook that predominantly focuses on sports in the USA, our interests are global, just like that of our players. We know that they want to bet on just about everything, so we want to be able to offer them a better experience. Here at BetNow, the best USA sportsbook, you can bet on what you want. 

USA Sports Book for the NBA Finals 

Chris Paul hasn’t gotten too many opportunities on the biggest of stages. An all-time great point guard, someone who’s absolutely going to the hall of fame, it feels like validation to be able to see him in the Finals. With that in mind, it was really something to see him take over much of Game 1, as the Suns managed to beat the Bucks in a competitive, tough game. 

Now, Game 2 is on the horizon. We still like the Suns, as we did in the last game, by a five point margin. The first game was high scoring, and we believe the second is going to be as well, hence the over/under of 219 points. How do you see this game going? Do you think that the Suns are going to do what they did in Game 1, more or less, with the entire team rallying around Chris Paul as he leads them to victory? Do the Suns hold serve? Or, do the Bucks come into Phoenix, with Giannis essentially playing on one leg, and tie the series, thus taking over the home court advantage? As ever, you can bet it at BetNow. 

Baseball Betting and Beyond 

Again, for a sportsbook that covers so many American sports, we’ve sure got a lot of sports you can bet on outside of the USA. For example: baseball. At our site, you can bet on the Mexican Baseball League. It’s possible to bet on the Japan NPB league (where so many recent stars have come out of). You can bet on the MILB AAA Pacific games, the AAA International ones, and even South Korea KBO. If folks are playing baseball for money, odds are that you can bet it at our site (so that you can make some money for doing so). 

That having been said, it’s not like we’re just randomly picking names and assigning lines. We have real, pro handicappers on our staff at BetNow. That means that when they watch these games, they know the players, the game, the lines, the stadiums, the trends, and everything else. So, when you see a line for one of these games, it’s a real line. You want to bet with the best, you come to BetNow. 

BetNow Sportsbook

Of course, we understand that a majority of the folks who come to our site to bet on baseball are not here for the Mexican Baseball League. Rather, they’re here for the MLB, Major League Baseball. To that end, we offer as many different ways to bet on baseball as we could think of. You can bet the point spread, you can bet the over/under, all of that. However, you can also bet so much more than that, too. 

For example, you can bet on what’s going to happen in five innings (when the game goes official). If you know the starting pitchers, that’s a great way to go. By that same token, you can bet on the “series” price, the series of one team playing another (whether it’s two games, three, four, and so forth). We also have the “winning margin” bet, too, so that when you know one team is going to crush the other (or just squeak by) you can win big money with that. YOu can always bet on sports all across the world at BetNow!