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Unique Online Sportsbook Unlike Anywhere Else

Here at BetNow, we do everything we can to be different. That’s not different for the sake of being different, mind you, but just to make sure that we’re offering something no one else is. To that end, we’ve got a unique online sportsbook anywhere. You can use it day or night, at any time from anywhere, so long as you’re connected to the internet. Moreover, we made it optimized for mobile, too. That way, you’ll be able to use it on any phone or mobile device, too. One more way we’ve revolutionized the game: by having bets that you might not find anywhere else. What you definitely won’t find anywhere else: our top-notch handicappers

Unique Online Sportsbook NBA Series Exotics 

You can bet on the Hawks and Bucks at our site. As of this writing, Game 5 is about to begin. We have the Bucks as a four and a half point favorite at home. That’s not the most overwhelming odds, as you might imagine. That said, it really could go either way. To get all of the betting down that you might want, we offer plenty of different series prices exotics odds that you may not find anywhere else. 

For example, you can bet on the series’ correct score from this point on. Do you think the Hawks are going to wrap it up in six games or seven? By that same token, do you think the Bucks are going to win it in six or seven? If you have strong feelings about that, you can get different odds on each bet at our site. 

If you aren’t as sure about which team is going to win as opposed to when it’s going to end, you can bet that, too. We’ve made it so that you can bet on if the series will end in Game 6 or Game 7, regardless of who’s playing. 

While we have this for Game 5 (which is going on right now) we’ll probably have it for Game 6 as well: you can bet on that game as well as what’s going to happen next. You could bet the Hawks to win the game and the series or to win the game and lose the series. Of course, you can do the same for the Bucks as well. You better believe we’re going to have this in the Finals. 

Hockey Props and More 

Unless the Habs win Game 3 in Montreal, this could be a short series. However, here at BetNow, our handicappers have a strong feeling for what’s going to be happening in the rest of the series. As of this writing, they have the Bolts as a one and a half goal favorite no matter where the series is played. It could be in Montreal, it could be in Tampa, it could be in your backyard, we have the Lightning as a goal and a half favorite. 

However, we also have plenty of prop bets for each game, too. This is the Stanley Cup Final (or Le Finale) so it’s like the Super Bowl of hockey. You can bet on which team is going to score first, which is going to score last, which will win the opening faceoff, if someone will score in the first period, if someone will score in the first nine and a half minutes of the first period, if the team that scores first will win the game — you get the idea. 

These are just some of the bets that we have around the game. Basically, if you go through that page, you’ll find a bet for just about everything you could want for just one hockey game. Of course, you’ll be able to bet on different parts of the game as well. No matter what you want to bet online, you can find it at BetNow!