Understanding College Basketball Odds: Common NCAAB Odds

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer

Sports bettors have a soft spot for college basketball. You can owe this to the fact that it offers them a good platform with crazy activity all year. To add to that, college basketball betting is straightforward when you compare it to other betting bustle. You can always join BetNow for follow up on your college basketball games. You can always check for the best odds including in minor leagues and place your wagers. Successful betting on college basketball highly depends on your ability to decipher NCAAB odds. In this article, we will offer insight in the common lines that we feature in regards to NCAAB odds.

NCAAB Odds: The Point Spread Wagers

You can also refer to these NCAAB odds as spread wagers or the line wagers. Point spreads are a single bet option in all sports betting. The main features of this type of bet involves the favorite and the underdog. The favorite is the team that has the favor of winning. The team we expect to lose is the underdog. Each team gets points they should cover at the end of the game. When you bet on point spread, you choose a team that you think will cover the spread. Usually, the favorite has a (-) sign in front of the spread and the underdog a (+). To win the wager, if you bet on the favorite, the team has to win by more points than the spread. If you bet on the underdog, they are to lose by fewer points than the spread. If the underdogs win, you automatically win the wager.

For example, let us take that Duke is playing Michigan, with Duke as the Favorite and Michigan as the underdog. If the spread is 4, Duke’s will appear as (-4) while Michigan’s will appear as (+4). For the Dukes to win, they have to win by 4.5 points or more. For Michigan to win, they have to lose by 3.5 points or less. If both land on 4 exactly, the bet becomes a push. This means the sportsbook will refund your money.

Over/Under Wagers

You can call these bets the total bets. As the name suggests, these are wagers placed on the both teams’ scores. An over wager will win if it is above the total points of both teams. The under will win if it is below the total points. Still using the example of Duke and Michigan, if the total points are set at 135, an over will win if it is 135.5 and above. An under on the other hand will win if it is 134.5 and below. If it lands at 135, the bet is a push and you get a refund.

Moneyline Wagers

These sports odds involve you betting out rightly on the winner. The concept of a favorite and an underdog also applies in this case. Here, you wager a certain amount so you can get a certain return. Using the same example, with the Dukes as the favorites and Michigan as underdogs with a return of 100$. If you wager on the favorite, the more money you need to sacrifice for a 100$ return. With the underdog, you will wager less to get the same return. If the Dukes are at (-130) and Michigan at (+110), you will need to wager 130$ to get 100$ if you choose the Dukes. For Michigan, you will need 100$ to get a 110$ return.

Teaser Bets

This works for people who want to bet on different teams but have doubts. A teaser bet allows you -4 points for all the bets you make. Using Duke against Michigan plus Oklahoma against Tennessee. Let us take that you want to bet on Duke and Oklahoma at the same time. Both their spreads will have a 4-point difference if they are either favorites or 4-point addition if they are underdogs.  That is, say, they are at -6 and -10 respectively. A teaser will allow them to move down to -2 and -6. If they are at +6 and +10 respectively, these values with a teaser will be at +10 and +14.

A reverse teaser will be the opposite of the above. It usually gives a 7-point allowance unlike the straight teaser.

Both teams have to win for you to win.

Future Bets

NCAAB odds also have the potential of throwing in future bets. These are bets that wager on a game that is to happen in the future. It is always advisable in this case to bet futures on the March Madness. They are risky bets to place but have huger payouts if you make a win. You can choose on the winner of the college basketball tournament, a division, and so on.

Prop Bets

This involves betting on specific aspects of the game and players. For example, how many 3-pointers will the game have? How many points will a player score overall? These are just but a few of the type of prop bets you can place for NCAAB games.

The above are just but the common NCAAB odds usually placed in their games. Have a deeper study at each to heighten your chances of maximizing your payouts in NCAAB betting.