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UFC Betting Odds: Longshots and Close Bets

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
UFC Betting Odds Longshots and Close Bets

There’s nothing like a knockout. Really, that’s what separates combat sports from the rest of them. Even the most devout football fan would tell you, if they were being honest, that seeing their team score a touchdown to take the lead late at the end of a game is great, sure, but there’s something genuinely volcanic about a great knockout. When one fighter knocks out the other, it goes beyond sports, back into something primal. UFC and other combat sports, no matter how evolved, can evoke that, at their very best. You can find the best UFC betting odds here at BetNow. 

UFC Betting Odds at BetNow: A Fighting Chance

We believe that, when you’re betting on the UFC, you should have the best, fairest chance to win. That does not mean (as other places might think) that you just give folks the option to pick one fighter over another with no odds whatsoever. That’s not “a fair chance,” that’s making it harder on someone who picks an underdog to win. If you’re willing to put your hard-earned money on an underdog, and they win a fight, then you deserve to be duly compensated for it. That’s where our odds come in. 

So, if you come to our site, we make sure that our odds reflect current realities. Our handicappers ensure that our odds are exactly what they should be: in keeping with what’s going on right now. These odds aren’t just based on reputations, or who did what when, but what’s happening right now. That way, these odds always reflect reality, giving bettors the best chance to make an honest, true bet about what’s going to happen in a given fight. That’s the kind of service (and odds) that our bettors expect from us at BetNow. It’s what we do for every other sport, and we make sure that our UFC odds are held to the same high standard. 

Close (and Far) Odds

If you go to our site as of this writing, you’ll see plenty of odds for the upcoming event on Saturday, December 7th in Washington D.C. At the Capital One Arena, the UFC is going to have a slate of fights. You can find all of the odds for these fights right on our site. Of course, you go to click on the links now, they may not be the same odds that you find right before the fight. We make sure that our odds are updated as they have to be. Sure, they could be the same, but they might not be. We always recommend that our bettors do as much research as possible. 

At BetNow, we take great pride in being able to offer as many different betting opportunities for our players as possible. That’s why, if you go to our site and scroll down, you’ll find that we also have odds for UFC 245 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, N.V. There, you can find all of the odds for the fights on that night.

Money Line: For Making Money

Betting on UFC fights at our site is quite easy. If you’re looking at our UFC betting odds and trying to figure out which fighter to bet on, the one with a minus sign by their name is the favorite. That’s the one that you would have to bet that amount next to their name to get $100 if they won the fight. So, if Rob Font is -130, then you would have to bet $130 to win $100 should Rob pull it out. However, to use an example from that same fight, the underdog is Ricky Simon. Ricky is at +110. That means that if you bet $100 on Ricky, and Ricky wins the fight, then you would find yourself with $210. It pays to bet on underdogs when they win. 

Of course, those are just some of the upcoming UFC events. As more events come on the calendar, you’ll be able to find the odds at our site, too. In the UFC, things can change so quickly. There are so many great fights, and really, so many bouts, there the opportunities to make great money while watching awesome fights is almost limitless. Throughout the entire year, you’ll be able to bet on UFC bout by bout here at BetNow. As ever, good luck to you in your combat sports betting!