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Top US Sportsbook for Top Tier Bettors

If you want the best betting action, you come to the top US sportsbook. That’s BetNow. Really, it’s always been BetNow, since we got this site up and running. After all, this is the site that has all of the games you want to bet on in the way that you want to bet on them. We know that you have plenty of options when it comes to sports betting, so it’s just one more reason that we do everything we can to separate ourselves from the rest. Here, you can find the best betting action, bar none throughout every season. 

Top US Sportsbook for the NBA Finals 

As of this writing, we don’t know who’s going to win Game 4 of the NBA Finals. Of course, at the top US sportsbook, BetNow, you could be betting this game right now. We have the Bucks as a four point favorite at home. We like them to tie this series. By the time you read this blog, you’ll probably know what happened, one way or the other. Do you think the Bucks are going to tie it? Or, do the Suns take control in Phoenix and then really give themselves a chance to clinch it at home in front of their fans? 

That said, we don’t want to get into the habit of telling you what you can’t bet on, because these blogs are focused on what you can bet on. At BetNow, you can bet on practically anything. That’s true throughout the season, and it’s especially true during the NBA Finals. Of course, if you’ve bet at BetNow in the past, then you know you can bet half by half. Who’ll be ahead at the end of the first half, who’ll score more points in the second half (and not necessarily be ahead) that kind of thing.

Betting on the Series in Total 

Also, you can bet on so much more than that. We’ve got “Series Prices,” too. This means that you’re betting on who’s going to win the Series. Not game by game, but rather, who’s going to win the whole thing. This may have different lines. For example, as of this writing, our line for Game 4 is that the Bucks are going to win by four points. 

However, if you go to the “Series Prices” page, you’ll find something very different indeed. There, you’ll find that we’ve got the Suns as -245 and the Bucks as +205. Now, those odds do favor the Suns, yes. As of this writing, we do believe that, even if the Bucks do tie the series tonight, the Suns are going to go on to win the whole thing. But, we don’t have strong, strong odds on the Suns. This is definitely a series that could go either way depending on what happens in one game or another. 

On top of that, we’ve also got odds on betting who the MVP of the Finals is going to be, too. As you might imagine, the best odds on this, as of this writing, are on Chris Paul and Giannis. But, that doesn’t mean that they’re guaranteed to win it. If you’ve got a pick on someone else, now is the time to get it in. If you’ve got a feeling, we’ve got the odds to make that feeling pay off. 

Top US Sportsbook: Baseball All Year Long 

Of course, in a shorter period of time that you might think, the NBA Finals will end. The season will be over. Since this is BetNow, the sports will just keep going. We’ll have all of the baseball that you’ll want all season long, too. The pennant chases are sure to heat up, and with the Wild Card games and more, this is anyone’s year. 

As it’s the middle of July, in just a few weeks’ time, training camp will start. When it does, that means that football will be with us all the way through February. Before you know it, you’ll be able to bet preseason games at BetNow. Here’s to sports all year long!