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Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
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No one wants to have to wait. No one should have to wait for a site to load just so they can bet on the sports that they want. We understand. This is why we make it possible to bet on all of the sports you want at any time. Indeed, that’s just one of the reasons that we called our site “BetNow.” It’s not “Bet Eventually” or “Bet Between 9 AM and 5 PM During the Work Week.” No, it’s “BetNow.” Because we know that sports won’t wait. Sports bettors shouldn’t either. At our top sportsbook online, you can bet when and how you want. 

Top Sportsbook Online to Bet From Wherever

Mobile optimized. That’s the name of the game now. You shouldn’t have to sit in front of your desktop or laptop just to bet on the sports that you want (unless you want to, of course.) If you’ve got a great rig, where you watch the games out of one corner of your eye and the computer screen on the other, more power to you. That’s pretty cool. But, it isn’t how people should have to bet. No one should be forced to do so. That’s where we come in. 

See, our site is mobile optimized. That means that the site works from practically anywhere. As long as you’ve got the internet, you’ve got access to BetNow. Sure, there are probably exceptions, but they’re rare, few, and far between. So, if you’re going to bet on the sports that you want, you’ll be able to bet from our site. 

Say you’re out camping with friends or hiking high in the mountains. Not a place that you would think you’re able to get a bet down on your NFL team. But, as long as you’ve got some internet, our site will load. Then, you can make that bet from anywhere. This is perfect if you get busy, if something comes up, and it seems like you won’t be able to bet. 

Betting How and When You Would Like 

Here’s a horror story: you’re going to bet on the game tonight. You’ve done your research, you have a can’t miss bet, but, just as you’re about to bet, something comes up. Hey, it happens, it’s an emergency, can’t be put off. But, you make a mental note to bet later on, before the game, so that you can reap the rewards for your hard work. 

Then, you take care of everything, you’re on your way back to bet, and… you’re stuck in traffic! Far from your laptop, desktop, or anything else, you’re in traffic. You consider shouting to the person next to you at a red light to make the bet for you, but then you realize that’s not a good idea. Now, how are you going to bet? 

With Betnow, that’s not a problem. None of this is a horror story, rather, it’s a mild inconvenience. At our site, you can simply make this bet from any device. So, as long as you had your phone or tablet, as long as you had an internet connection, you could make this bet. You wouldn’t have to worry. Being in traffic isn’t exactly fun ever, but you would probably be more OK with it, thinking about all of the money that you were about to make from your bet. 

Top Sportsbook Online: Bet in Different Ways 

Sure, you can bet on the winner, bet the point spread, the odds, the over/under, etc. But, we also believe that you should be able to bet in more unique ways than that, too. So, if you want to bet on who’s ahead after five innings of a baseball game, we’ve got that for you. If you want to bet on who’s ahead at the end of the first, the first half, the third quarter, as well as the end of a football or NBA game, we’ve got that for you, too. There are two more periods before the third in a hockey game, and you can bet who’s winning them all. At our online betting site, you pick the winners, and you do it on your schedule. That’s just one of the perks of betting now at BetNow.