Top Online Betting Site During the Covid 19 Pandemic Lockdown

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Top Online Betting Site

Every sport was affected by COVID-19. Every single one. Even the NFL had to hold their draft online. The NBA, the NHL, MLB, and so many others –  their seasons were suddenly put to a halt, and are now figuring out how to go about from there. Now, the situation is getting better as some things are gradually going back to normal. We’re all cautiously positive for the NFL season (even without fan attendance). The NHL has scheduled training camp dates for July, with the estimated schedule of continuing the games this summer (to finish the season). is the top online betting site with quick payouts.

Gambling Industry battling the odds during Covid-19 Lockdown

Gambling website BetNow increased online casino activity during the Coronavirus pandemic. Gamblers are converting from bets on sport to far more delicate online casino and slot games during lockdown restrictions to control the spread of Covid-19.

BetNow had also been affected by the suspension or cancellation of events in the local and international arena but they find ways to keep their customers busy. They were one of the few websites that offered NBA Simulation games and NFL Madden 20 betting. These are just the few efforts they did to combat this pandemic.

Top Online Betting Site: Alternative Betting Options

There is currently evidence of a spike in customer activity in the group’s casino and poker products that could, in part, make up for the sports betting interruption for the time period.

About 1.2% of gamblers have a problem, according to latest studies published by the Gambling Commission. The relatively few in count includes people who participate in the national lottery, where there is a low gambling rate.

Online sports betting with a bookie has a slightly higher rate of disordered gambling, at 2.5%. However, online slots, casino and bingo bring in a much higher number of potential addicts, with about 9.2% of bettors who spend money on those games are categorized as having a problem.

Gambling companies are working relatively hard to make sure that they detect gambling problems among their clients. The board recognizes that, with people staying at home more, and with possibly an increase in anxiety due to the uncertainty of the economic situation,’s carefulness on safe gambling and stopping gambling related problems is becoming the number one priority.

“The group continues to provide its clients support and is proactively talking with its customers to inform them on safe gambling tools to help them control their play.” Betnow is focusing more in its marketing, after data appeared that it was suggesting customers bet on table tennis, Japanese baseball and the Belarusian Premier League.

Sportsbook Offering Other Sources for Betting During the Pandemic

The sporting world calendar takes note of important sporting events. Online betting offers different choices to make betting more interesting.  Major soccer leagues worldwide, NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL are some of these events you can bet on. Bettors have a more meaningful input and authority on what runs on many sportsbook eg BetNow.  During the present time, this goes far as to include entertainment, like betting what will happen in the next episodes.  Prop bets are more about fun because it’s all about chances compared to other bets that require analysis.

Video game tournaments also in online Sportsbook.  Esports provides a virtual platform for online hamers.  It gives a chance to the massively growing world of Esports where professional players boast their skills online.  Then, fans can place bets on the results of these matches provided for by bookies. BetNow has you covered on golfing events, gaming tournaments, added with a wide range of sports betting opportunities.

What makes these Sites the Best?

Finding the best Sportsbook is not about the best looking or the most attractive website outlooks. Then, how do you distinguish the websites? Well, the criterion depends on professional bettors in the industry.  They choose what is beneficial with their needs from the many online betting sites available to them. They put the betting sites on call for unfair play just from the irresistible offers that can fool the ordinary eye. That will not work for you.

Analyze the many online betting sites to see their modes of payments.  This helps you cross out the ones that are convenient for your withdrawal options of winnings.  Decide on something that is the best for your convenience amongst the list of your deal-breakers.


Security is critical when choosing the top online betting site during the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown. Opt for a betting site that has the capability to ensure the safety of your money, whose procedures are appropriate, regularly does updates on their site, and has a security team monitoring the safety protocols of the system the top online betting site with quick payouts. It is one of the best online sportsbooks during this crisis. The page offers a lot of good deals in addition to welcome bonuses to help you gain a lot from your experience.  A cash referral bonus of 10% is available when you invite more friends, which adds value to the site. Furthermore, there are also rebates offered to make your losses much less when betting.