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Top NBA Betting on the Playoff March

Sure, it’s snowing in some parts of the country. But, the NBA playoffs are on their way. They’ll be here before you know it, in fact, one month from now. So, if you’re going to do something, whether that’s climb back in or give yourself a chance to get a higher ranking, now is the time to do it. The same goes for here at BetNow. We’ve got all of the top NBA betting you could ever want, from now through the end of the NBA Finals. We’ve got the games, the lines, and everything else. Bet on NBA how you want, up to the moment they award that championship. 

Top NBA Betting on Potential Eastern Conference Finals Matchups 

Thursday has some exciting matches between teams that very well could be playing for some real hardware very soon. For example, the Sixers go to Milwaukee for what looks like a very plausible Eastern Conference Final. The Sixers are as good as they have been in a generation, with a team that looks like it’s ready to represent the East. (After all, they’ve been towards the top of the standings all season long.) 

That said, the Bucks have been a beast in the East for a while now. But, they’ve never gotten over that hump, gotten that championship. There is a real question as to whether or not (as well as when) this Bucks window is going to close. Again, this is the best Bucks team in a generation, too. A game like this could go a long way towards figuring out who has home court should this series arise in the playoffs, as well as who could be favored when it does. 

Hanging on a By a Thread 

As exciting as a game like the Sixers and Bucks can be, it’s still a regular-season game between two very good teams who are, minus a disaster, going to the playoffs. Who these games are really important for are teams that may not be going to the playoffs unless they start doing some winning, pronto. We have such a game today, with Charlotte going to Chicago to play the Bulls. 

As of this writing, the Hornets are in the last playoff spot. They’re in 8th, four games ahead of the Bulls. But, this game is huge for both teams. The loser has a real chance of not being in the tournament when it starts. So, it’s important to be able to win games like this. Perhaps both teams won’t have a chance to win the championship (although, weirder things have happened) but, if they don’t win games like this, they might not even be around for the tournament. Who do you got? 

“If the Playoffs Started Today…” 

You’ve heard that phrase all season long. Soon, it will be a reality. Until then, teams are still going to be jockeying for position. One such game will happen in the West this Thursday, as the Lake Show heads to Dallas to play the Mavs. The Lakers have a great chance of playing for the opportunity to defend their title, as they’re in fifth place, six games ahead of the 8th place team. 

The Mavs, however, are in 7th, only two games ahead of the 8th place Warriors. So, the Mavs might need this game more than the Lakers do. That said, this very well could be a matchup at some point in the playoffs. Games like this are great because you can bet them now, learn what you need to, and then use that information later on in the playoffs. 

Those are the extent of the games that are being played (more or less) between teams that both have a great chance of being in the playoffs. That said, there are many more games. You can bet on all of them at the top NBA betting website, BetNow, this season and long into the next. Good luck!