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Thursday and Monday Night Football Gambling (As Well As In Between)

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Football gambling

Football gambling is always big at BetNow. Yes, the World Series is going on. Sure, there are plenty of other sports happening as well. But, football is football. In America, it’s king. Yes, baseball may still be thought of as “The National Pastime” but, it’s past time that we see football for being the ruler of the roost, as it were. That’s just one of the reasons that there are football games all throughout the week now (and not just on Sunday). As ever, you can find all of the football games that you want to bet on here at BetNow. 

Thursday Night Football Gambling 

Thursday Night Football is just a day away. Yes, it might not seem like the most marquee matchup. But, the winner of the game is going to be well-positioned to make some noise in the NFC East, such as it is. Every year, it seems, there’s one division that’s stronger than the rest. There’s a division where every team (or almost every team) is a contender, with a great record, and a chance to win the conference (if not the whole thing). 

By that same token, there’s also a division every year that’s the opposite of that. There’s a division where nobody has a winning record (at least not for a while). Every team in the division tends to struggle, it seems like no one wants to win the division, and there’s all kinds of complaining about how they’re going to get a home playoff game (which is usually a pretty unfair argument). 

For better or for worse, through the first part of the season here, the NFC East is that latter division. The Cowboys are in first place, and they had just a nightmare game against the Cardinals. This coming Thursday, you’ve got the Giants going to Philly to play the Birds. The Eagles have Wentz, still far and away the best QB in the division. Between that and their stout defensive line, it might give them enough to be the long-term favorite throughout the regular season to win this division. What would go a long way towards doing so: beating a long time rival at home. As a four point favorite, do you think they can do it? Or, has Joe Judge and Danny Dimes figured something out, so that they can win on the road and grow? 

Betting on Monday Night and More 

Monday Night Football, on the other hand, shows us two teams are the cusp of being real contenders. The Rams, just over a year removed from being the NFC champion, host the surprising Bears. The Rams, so long as they have number 99 on their defensive line, very possibly the best defensive player of his generation, they will be a force to be reckoned with. No one will ever look past the Rams, or not take them seriously. Between him, Goff, and a team that’s bouncing back, they very well could make a run in the very tough NFC West, keeping the cards down and chasing the Seahawks. 

The Bears, well, few expected them to be in this position. With Nick Foles suddenly in the driver’s seat, this team looks like it can win through, well, old-school football (which, of course, is so “Bears.”) Play tough defensively, get after the quarterback, run the ball effectively, and have Nick make plays when he has to. That can be enough to get to the playoffs, and it might even be enough to knock off the Pack (it’s not like they looked very good against the Bucs). Beyond anything else, that’s absolutely the kind of football that travels in January and beyond. 

Football Gambling on Sunday 

It says a lot about this week that we were able to go through just about an entire blog about this upcoming week of football without once mentioning the games that are coming on Sunday. Between the (forgive the pun) titanic matchup between the Steelers and Titans (only the 8th time ever teams with undefeated records met this late in the season) and so many more, there’s plenty of great football action this weekend and every weekend at BetNow.