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There’s Never a Bad Game for Football Online Betting at BetNow

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Football Online Betting

Sure, it seems like there are some NFL games not worth betting on. Everyone makes their snide comments about “the toilet bowl,” two teams that seemingly aren’t going anywhere, etc. While we’re used to games on Sunday Night being “flexed out,” that can’t happen on the other nights. So, you can end up with a Thursday night or Monday night game between two teams that are unlikely to make a run at the Super Bowl or the playoffs or even a winning record this year. However, for our bettors, these games are opportunities for football online betting

Football Online Betting 

The truth is that every game is a chance for you to make more money than you had. That’s the promise of betting on football games at BetNow. It’s true no matter who’s playing. Sure, the Brady Patriots traveling through time to play the Super Steelers of the 70s would be something that’s rather incredible to see. However, if you were to lose money on the game, you might not hold something like that in such high regard. 

If the game is a chance to win, then it’s a chance to win – the respective Super Bowl aspirations of both teams don’t necessarily come into it. As you might imagine, that leads us into this week’s conversation about the Thursday Night game between the Jets and the Broncos. Neither of these teams, so far, has the 2020 season go in a manner in which they would hope. 

The culprit is, as it so often is in situations like this, injuries. The Jets have lost Bell, while the Broncos have lost almost too many players to count. Important players, too, such as the great Von Miller, Cortland Sutton, their quarterback, and more. We’re not saying that these teams would be Super Bowl favorites without the injuries, but the injuries have hit hard. 

A Two Point Line 

This game could be a great opportunity to make some real money. If you get three points for being at home, then the Jets would appear to be one point dogs were the game to be held one mile up. You might think that this two point line makes sense. After all, the Jets may not have much, but they have more of their starters than the Broncos do. The game is in New York, short week, take the home team. 

But, the Broncos, while being 0-3, haven’t always played like a team that’s winless. After all, they gave the Steelers as well as the Titans, both 3-0 teams, tough games that went down to the wire. The Jets can’t necessarily say the same thing. Additionally, while the Broncos would be much, much better with all of the players that they’ve lost, they also boast some real starters. There’s nothing wrong with how Chubb plays his game. Gordon is as good a running back as the league has; you can run a full offense through him. 

High Scoring or Not? 

The over and under on this game is 41 points. You might think that’s too high. After all, both offenses were beset by injuries, plenty of important players gone. But, you might also think: “Hey, Driskel has aired the ball out before. Darnold’s weapons may not be what he would like, but there’s nothing wrong with his arm.” Maybe you think the offenses in this game can put up some real numbers. 

Should you believe that, then you can bet the over on this game, too. The truth is that we designed BetNow to give you as many opportunities to bet these games how you would like to bet them. That could mean betting the over/under, the point spread, the odds, and more. We even have plenty of Futures bets and others so that you can bet the NFL in the manner that you would most like to do so. You can always bet on football (and so much else) here at BetNow.