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The Ultimate 2020 Top Online Sportsbook

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
2020 Top Online Sportsbook

The sports industry, much like many other industries, is on a standstill across the globe following the ongoing pandemic. This, however, allows people to regroup, better our strategies, and plan how best we can maximize our earnings when things go back to normal. As new online sportsbooks continue to pop up each week, BetNow combines a few to form our 2020 top online sportsbook list. These include:

2020 Top Online Sportsbook: FanDuel Sportsbook

The FanDuel sportsbook is among the leading sportsbook in the industry. FanDuel started as the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) website back in 2019. FanDuel has collaborated with many casinos, and it operates an online sportsbook in several states.

The FanDuel platform is different for many sportsbooks currently available in the market. The platform combines a sportsbook and a DFS site that has many great games to make one big sportsbook for its users.

Bovada Sportsbook

Another book worth adding to our 2020 top online sportsbook is the Bovada. The book provides one of the best online sports betting sites with a wide range of wagering options daily. While Bovada prides itself with its online sportsbook and casino, it also has an online poker room that has gained popularity over the years.

The Bovada sportsbook has a mobile version making it convenient for users to wage their bets at work while enjoying a drink with friends or at the comfort of their homes. Bovada recently started releasing sports odds overnight for all major American sport.

DraftKings Sportsbook

DraftKings is a leading sportsbook that features bets on American sports and international events as well. The book has links to top professional leagues in the United States as well as official league data. The sportsbook, initially created as a leading competitor for the FanDuel DFS, quickly made a name in the sport betting industry. The sportsbook has operated in many states across the US but has its headquarter in Boston.

Among its many benefits, DraftKings offers the best bonuses in the market. The book is also continually offering excellent promotions to its vast users.

BetRivers Sportsbook

BetRivers Sportsbook is among the new addition in the industry. This book serves many Rivers Casino in various states in the United States. Currently, there are several Rivers casino with many more emerging in different locations. While this book is not popular among users, it is defiantly worth mentioning. The online sportsbook has all you need to make your bets. It also has an excellent bonus and payout policies for both new bettors and old players.

Heritage Sports

Heritage Sports is among the most popular sportsbook in the industry. The book is popular with users because it offers the lowest pricing margins in the industry. In the last many years of operation Heritage Sports offers multiple options for players who enjoy bonuses and cashback.

In addition, Heritage Sports has one of the best live betting platforms. With each new day, the platform has dozens of wagering opportunities. Heritage Sports also has the largest wager on non-US sporting events such as their new soccer+ section.

The platform has many payment modes, including digital money like Bitcoin, money transfers, checks or bank transfers, major credit cards, and so many more. Heritage Sports offers a 50% cash bonus to new players.

PointsBet sportsbook

PointsBet Sportsbook is an Australian-based company that is popular in the American market. With barely a year operating the United States, the book has opened operations in three states. PointsBet also plans to expand to other countries in the coming months.

Unlike many in the industry, the book offers a unique twist on sports betting. They offer points betting, which means that the more a bettor gets right, the more money they stand to win. This is good news for the bettors. While points betting has become extremely popular on PointsBet, the platform also offers traditional bets on sports.

Bookmaker sportsbook

Bookmaker is among the oldest online sportsbooks with decades of experience. Famous for never booting a winning player, Bookmaker accepts $5,000 bets, unlike as most online sportsbooks who accept $50 wagers. The minimum deposit with Bookmaker is $10 via bitcoin and $50 by credit card.

Bookmaker currently has a 100% Cash bonus for new bettors who deposit through Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency. This bonus can is redeemable for a maximum of $300 by bettors located in the United States and Canada only.

William Hill Sportsbook

William Hill is another old sportsbook to make our 2020 top online sportsbook. Over the years, the sportsbook continues to find ways to stay innovative. Based in London, the book is quite popular among American sports betting fans. The book has many benefits, including offering some of the best bonuses and promotions on the market. It also offers many international sporting events setting it apart from many in the industry.