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Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
College Basketball Online Betting

College basketball: is there a better sports season? Sure, we love the action of baseball, hockey, and even pro basketball, but those seasons are long. Baseball goes on for most of the year, and sometimes it feels like there isn’t much of an off-season for pro basketball or hockey. The NFL takes over the world, but only does so for a few months. College basketball is, by comparison, a blast. The season is like a rocket: it comes in fast, goes quickly, and then culminates in perhaps the greatest tournament in sports, March Madness. Here at our online sportsbook, we have many different ways for you to enjoy and profit from college basketball online betting. 

College Basketball Online Betting All Season Long 

We’re here for you from the opening tip of midnight madness (or whatever they call it at your favorite school) through that “One Magic Moment” when they cut down the nets. College basketball teams, in the scheme of things, don’t really play all that many games. So, we make sure that you can bet on all of the games that you want to bet on at our site. 

When we say “all of the games that you want to bet on,” we mean it. If you go looking for sites that allow you to bet on college basketball online, you’ll find many sites just offer the big games. Power conferences, ranked teams, and so forth — that’s all they’ll give you. Of course, those games are important. They’re the most popular games, the ones that can easily be found on TV, and so forth. You can find all of those games on our site, of course. 

But, we also offer the games beyond that, as well. There are hundreds of schools that play college basketball and are rarely, if ever, on television. Each of these games is a chance for you to make more money, to use your knowledge of college basketball to get you ahead. That’s why we make it possible for you to bet on all of the games that you want to. Power conferences, mid-majors and more – they’re all right here. You can bet on the point spread, money line, and more. 

Online Sportsbook that Treats You Like an Adult

It’s your money. That’s one of the things we always keep in mind when people register with our sportsbook. When you want to bet on our site, you register with us, but you use your money. We always keep in mind that it’s your money, whether or not you’ve bet it on the games, and so forth. 

So, we make it so that you can cash out whenever you want. You know when you want to bet, and when you want to take your money out and do what you want with it. We know that there are plenty of sportsbook sites online that don’t treat your money like yours: they treat it like it’s theirs. So, they’ll make you go through some kinds of hoops and nonsense just for you to get your money back. We don’t do anything like that. When you register with us, we make sure that you can take your money out when you want, too. 

On top of that, we usually make sure to offer some kind of deal when you sign up. We know that you have options when it comes to sportsbook sites, and we’re always glad when folks decide to go with us. So, we usually have some kind of deal to thank you for signing up with us. This deal may change, but we almost always have a way to thank you. 

March Madness Looms 

At the end of every college basketball season, there’s March Madness. This is the best time of the entire college basketball season. Sure, the conference championships are great, but they’re nothing like March Madness. Here, for a few glorious weekends, there are one and done high stakes games at all times of the day and night. Of course, you can bet on all of these games at our site. But, as it’s March Madness, and special, we want to be able to give you more. 

That’s why we have our March Madness promotion. In addition to all of the point spreads, money lines and more, you’ll be able to bet on March Madness bracket, too. We have a bracket contest, one of the best anywhere. You can win half a million dollars on your college basketball bracket. We’re confident in saying that this is more than your office pool. If you have that perfect bracket, that one that no one else can beat, we believe you deserve to be rewarded handsomely for it. When you’re ready for the best online sports betting experience, BetNow is here for you.