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Super Bowl Prop Bets for Joe Burrow and Joe Mixon

Posted by: Hilbert Mayer
Super Bowl Prop Bets for Joe Burrow

The Joes in Cincinnati. They’ve got a chance to do what no Bengal team has ever done: actually win the Super Bowl. Of course, to do it, they’ll have to get past all of those all stars on the Rams defense. That said, the Bengals certainly have the talent. There are plenty of Super Bowl Prop Bets for Joe Burrow, the Bengals high flying offense. We’re going to look at one of them below. As ever, you can do all of the betting you need here at our site. 

Super Bowl Prop Bets for Joe Burrow a Big Game: Part One 

If Burrow’s playing well, so are the Bengals. As he goes, so do they. That’s true in their wins as well as their losses. If you think that Joe’s going to have a big game on Sunday, then it makes sense that you’d want to bet the props that say he’s going to have a great game. One such prop we’ve got going is: Joe Burrow over 280.5 yards of passing. If you take that bet, then you believe that Joe’s going to be chucking the ball around the field, to Chase, of course, but also to maybe Tyler Boyd and Tee Higgins. 

But, remember, this could also mean that the Bengals are behind, too. If Joe is throwing the ball a lot, it could be that the Rams have jumped out to a big lead. Then, the Bengals would have to catch up. Or, alternatively, it could be that the fearsome Rams front has found a way to stop Joe Mixon and the running attack. Speaking of, that leads to the next part of the prop bet: 

Joe Mixon Also Runs for More Than 61.5 Rushing Yards 

To be clear, this prop does not include any catches he might make from Burrow passes (although, those will be included in Joe’s 280.5 yards. So, you can pick this prop bet if you think that Joe’s going to have a big day passing the ball and Mixon is going to have at least a decent one on the ground. 

This is a good prop bet if you think that, say, the Rams will take a lead and the Cincinnati Bengals will have to catch up. Maybe Burrow throws the ball a lot and Mixon has to make some runs then they need them. Or, alternatively, maybe you pick this because you don’t think the Bengals have a real chance in this game. Despite the 280.5 yards in the air, that doesn’t mean that Burrow is running away with the game here. 

Bet What You Want Right Here 

The odds for this NFL player prop bet, as with all of the bets, are subject to change. As we got closer, they could move. For now, we’ve got the money line on this as +240. So, if you bet a hundred bucks, you’ll get $240 back if this happens. This is one of our better odds. There are plenty of other pro bets for this great Super Bowl!